Mermaid Nail Art + Peelable Polish Swatches


  1. I couldn't choose just one, so my favorites are red red wine and butterfly effect. Thank you.

  2. I really like pinky mermaid

  3. my favorite is the cabernet sauvignon because is so cute

  4. my favorite shade is definitely "Supernova"! Absolutely gorgeous.

  5. My favorite is pinky mermaid! I love all of their colors.

  6. Definitely Pinky Mermaid! So cute I had to look up more swatches!! ? Fingers crossed!! ?

  7. My favorite color is Fiji. Your swatches are perfect and the peel was so satisfying.

  8. My favorite shade is red red wine

  9. Hard to pick between Blue Danube and Pianist, but if have to choose just one… Pianist, it's hard to find good grays!!

  10. Omg i love the shimer glitter mermaid.. and charcoal grey its good too

  11. My favorite is Fiji. I love teals/turquoise/aquas!

  12. My favorite Little Ondine color is Morning Glory ?

  13. These are so beautiful and cool. I love the Glitter grey color!

  14. Can't decide between Butterfly Effect and Fiji! Both are really pretty colors and are great for fun designs! 😀

  15. Pinky Mermaid is my absolute favorite!

  16. My fav color is pinky mermaid. Winning would be awesome!

  17. Red Red Wine is my favorite color! Is this giveaway international? I live in The Netherlands and would really love to have a chance to win.

  18. My favourite is mid grey, I love a simple colour sometimes ??

    Love the swatches!xx

  19. Golden Eye is my fav shade of theirs – it is opaque in 2 coats and has almost no brush marks when dry!

  20. My favorite is "Waltz" ? I really love decor nail polishes. ❤

  21. My favorite is "Waltz" ? I really love decor nail polishes. ❤

  22. Fiji ?? is my favorite color. Hard to choose actually. Liked the video. I don’t have any Little Ondine polishes. So I hope I win. This would be great to ad to my collection of polishes. Thx

  23. My favourite shade is admiration! Love your vids♥️♥️

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