Mermaid Nail Tutorial

Need ideas for your nails? Want to learn the art of acrylic nails? Then, I recommend that you…

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  1. Amazing work. I subbed and now I'm binge watching ??. I love my Krystal katana it's the best.

  2. where did you get that fake hand from? i want one!!

  3. Just came across your utube yesterday and I love watching your work

  4. I wanna know who are the knuckleheads that gave this video a thumbs down…SMH

  5. what that white tool thing that you made the starfish call ?

  6. hi where did you get the little mould to make the starfish I would love to get one

  7. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work. I'd like to see your table setup.

  8. gorgeous!!! love this design!!! tfs hun!!

  9. I wanted to know wat is the name and where did u get the form that you used to make the star plz and thank u

  10. OMG!!! The gold acrylic is to die for!

  11. Please can you tell me where I can find the tool to pick up the rhinestones and what is it called? Thank you!

  12. not the same nails in the picture

  13. the net thing you did dint really show at the end

  14. Can you tell me where can i buy the form for 3D ?

  15. please where can I purchase brush

  16. what do you use to pick up the gems? I see a lot of people using that

  17. How much do you think you could charge the client for these custom nails?

  18. where did you get the mesh to do that design??

  19. I really like your work. Where do you get the nail mold for the star ?

  20. where did you buy this brush?? ty

  21. can you please let me know what colours your use in please im in love with them colours xx beautiful nails as allways x x ♥ u

  22. can u write in the Information box what the proudcts?>

  23. where do you bye your brushes ?

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