Mermaid & Ocean Nail Art Design

Here is a super cute mermaid and ocean nail design tutorial inspired by the Great Scarrier Reef movie, trailer here: — Everyone loves mermaids and creatures under the sea, so here’s a great tutorial teaching you how to use the nail polish you have at home to recreate this super fun Monster High inspired nail look!

Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤


  1. Aquata, Adela, and Alana were going to be with Ariel in the video before, but Ariel kept all the space to herself and others animals. But when they realized they couldn't, they went on to Hannah's nails but there was enough space on mini's nails, so they swam away but at the time they left, the little mermaid video uploaded and they were too late, then this video then uploaded, so they stuck on Hannah's nails until they met their enemy, nail polish remover. New movie coming up… AAA, not really

  2. Absolutely in love with this design! So beautiful ❤

  3. This is soo amazing! I love it!

  4. Do you have a link to the nail art brushes you used?

  5. Why didn't she just use vinyls? And even if she didn't she should've used acrylic paint if she messed up

  6. I don't watch Monster High but these nails are so cute, I'm definitely going to try them.

  7. Wait…did she say black ACRILYC paint??….

  8. Would u make something One Direction themed??? PLEASE!

  9. I hate painting my nails but for some reason, I love nail are videos. The relaxing music, the colors, soothing voices, soft and perfect strokes. Ahhh. Its like going to the spa.

  10. Hannah's voice is so calming idk why ?

  11. Loved it!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. 20apr is my action song competition!

  13. i wish i could paint my nails like that ….or even grow them long enough to paint them…i bite them off all the time.

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