Mermaid Tails Nail Art



  2. Do you use actuall calligraphy ink or do you mix somethin up?

  3. these are beautiful but they reminded me more of like…fairie wings than mermaid tails :3 probably just my brain seeing it differently. I love them tho!

  4. I freaked out when the nail popped off

  5. GUYS
    Did you know that Suzie actually paints her nails that fast? She did not speed up the video AT ALL!!!

  6. if i had those nails even though they are fake irl i would never touch anything in fear of breaking them

  7. it looks like its giving us the middle school n 8:52 ???

  8. OMG You are just so talented! You are my inspiration! I aspire to make my nails exactly like yours. I'm also a realist and know I won't be able to make them like you but I'm very very happy to at least have some guidance from you. Thank you

  9. is that a fountain pen style your using to draw with

  10. blows my mind that you did this in 2015 way before stilettos are what all are doing now love your vids x

  11. where did she get that hand?!

  12. I love watching you! Just your voice and actions relax me and calm me down

  13. You're the KING OF NAIL ART!!!! No joke! I was sooooo like WOW when I first watched it!

  14. who else just watches to watch because u want acrylics but ur parents won't let get them???

  15. I don't think anyone will do this in real life.

  16. these are absolutely gorgeous. you're an amazing artist!! I never did nail art but I truly want to play around with it now. badly but I'll try. ?

  17. anyone know how if longer nails cost more than regular ??

  18. Can you tell me what kind of brush that you are using to draw

  19. if ur in cali you could stelleto the hell out if my nails lol. your amazing!

  20. this is the first time watching your videos and I can't stop u make every thing look so easy, I can only hope one day I to can be so graceful when doing nails. ?

  21. what is the name of the glove the hand is wearing called ? and awesome nails omg

  22. Subscribed here from Jenna Marbles. I've been on a binge watch for the past like week. I love your videos.

  23. The nail popped off and I literally had a heart attach been watching her vids seeing I got in the recovery room

  24. When i feel depressed or anxious i watch your videos, your voice is so calming and watching you paint and be artistic is lovely <3

  25. Love mermaids! Omg this video has been such of an inspiration….you have been such an inspiration to me and my work that my life is changing in a very good way! I really do appreciate and love people like you in this world!

  26. I love your videos so much! They keep me very calm ☺️ In fact, while watching this I accidentally fell asleep (because it's soo soothing) and got a sleep paralysis attack (not your fault trust me) but this video was still playing in the background and helped me keep calm and wake up from it. Thank you ?

  27. Lol is it just me or would you guys talk to the hand like oh how was your day good good yeah mine was so bad this girl blah blah blah to feel more like a really nail worker lol ?

  28. I like how Bling is necessary and can match stillettos.

  29. +NCE I always want to get acrylic nails but there's a lot of expensive places. Do you know any really nice cot pricey place I can get them done in Pittsburgh PA? If you do please respond and let me know?

  30. omg I had a heart attack when the nail fell off the fake hand

  31. omg i lost it when griselda lost her nail xD i was like "OMG!!!!!" because i forgot it's a fake hand and i thought it was someone's actual nail that fell off but i just laughed when i remembered xD

  32. how can anyone function with such nails?

  33. will you do peoples nails because if so I will go and have you do a mermaid tail for me and I will pay you just let me no were you at to get them done

  34. Can you make the nails on fake hand and transfer to your own nails?

  35. You should do 'fairy' stilettos if you havent?

  36. These are beautiful but soo impractical. I'm a housekeeper so my nails are always short 🙁

  37. Omg!! Who else thought she was that woman from Buzzfeed!??! I think her name is like Christine or Kristin… idk but you know who I mean!!

  38. please can you make some videos how to make nails with tips and gel

  39. I actually jumped when the fake hand's nail got off. jesus… it got out of my mind that it wasnt a real hand

  40. omg these are gorgeous. I love your work and I'm in love with these since I love mermaids, they are my favorite mythical creature. ?????????

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