Metallic Obsession Hair Color

Joey Graceffa and Danielle Preda are #Hairbesties and both wanted a change, a big change with their mane. They are both Metallics obsessed so I gave it to them. I gave Joey Silver Metallics and for Daniel I colored him with Violet Metallics. Do you like their new look? Comment below and don’t forget to share.

Products used:

Joey Graceffa:
Kenra Color Silver Metallic Demi Permanent 8SM at the base with violet booster and Kenra Color Demi Permanent 10SM on mid shaft to ends with violet booster both with 9% Kenra Developer.

Daniel Christopher Preda:
Kenra Color Silver Metallic Demi Permanent 9VM with violet and red booster and 9VM with Clear on mid shaft to ends with violet booster both with 9% Kenra Developer.
I am so excited for the new Kenra Metallic shades coming out Nov 1 – Violet Metallics 7VM, 8VM and 9VM both in Permanent and Demi-Permanent and Silver Metallics 7SM, 8SM and 10SM in Demi-Permanent.
It will be available at CosmoProf, Armstrong MCCall Stores, State Beauty, Salon Centric and RDA Pro-Mart!


  1. I like joey hair colour

  2. Silver Metallics; all day; both sexy, however, SILVER rocksssssss

  3. bla blaaaa blaaaaaa but seriously that hair very damaged bye

  4. @guytang what lightener do you use to get them to platinum?

  5. I wish you could do my hair! I want to try something new but not sure of colors that will look good on me ?

  6. Hi Guy, can I use your permanent to tone instead of Demi? My client like to use flat iron on her hair. With Demi it took all her color out!

  7. As a gay myself, I literally had to watch this with the volume off lol. These three by the end are unbearable together lmao.

  8. #Janiel Dye Their Hair Pink With A Little Hot Pink and Purple with Pastel Blue

  9. …"bottom feeder…" how did every one not crack up…?

  10. How can I make an appointment with you?

  11. It look like a mixture of ashy grey result and somewhat purple reflection!Pastel pink on a guy (hate it!)

  12. Last time Daniel went to guy Tang

  13. he said 'im a bottom feeder"

  14. I love 3 hhhhhh ♥♥♥♥


  16. where can i find you guy tang please answer

  17. The first time he dyed his hair a color…. now he re-dyed it back

  18. joey wins, sorry daniel ; – ;

  19. 3 gay guys in the same room I love it

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