Milk and Garlic Drink to Lose Weight In a Single Night


  1. I did the honey and cinnamon trick thx

  2. The only thing I drink are tea and water

  3. OK I'm going to try it Tom at night for a week . Pray for me to not die of disgust

  4. When they say aloe Vera juice does it mean the ones you get in thee bottle?

  5. can I drink this on an empty stomach

  6. Is it okay to use a BearBrand milk?

  7. Will someone try this and see if it actually works so I will know if I should try this?

  8. Hey girl don’t you know you should take your makeup off before bed

  9. I tried honey and cinnamon it really works I was 67kg in 15 days my weight become 54kg☺️

  10. I drink ginger and lime drink it works but i think we should control on our habit of over eating eat half of uou daily routine you will lose your wight and also can enjoy tastes of all foods

  11. can anyone try this and tell me if this works??

  12. Yes, ginger n lime Luke warm water help to reduce weight. I use peppermint leaves, ginger, lemon juice n honey. It helped me to reduce 3 kg in week. I use dis only once in a morning n rest of day is regular.

  13. Hi guys I've try this garlic and almond drink, it's amazing! I lose 3kg in just three days, you can check out my instagram Sophia_darngawn if you would like to see my update on my weight lost journey ??

  14. Hey guys I’m new to this so can anyone please tell me if these drinks actually work? I wanna loose some before my birthday which is like a month away. Can anyone help?

  15. I dont recommend to use ground cinnamon because it does taste realllly gross. There is a werid after taste to it but it will go away when you drink cinnamon honey drink

  16. I love honey and cinnamon so this might work

  17. I don't like this video at all

  18. Can we cow milk in first recipe…???
    Please tell me

  19. Bright side What if you do use cows milk and garlic powder

  20. Please make a special vedio honey cinnamon drink

  21. I just tried the garlic drink. I absolutely love garlic, love it! So I did not think anything about drinking this. I was so wrong. It was difficult to swallow but I could manage. I got as far as 3 swallows of this drink before I felt like someone pulled the rug from under me?Instant cramp in my stomach and barely made it to the bathroom where everything came back up. I've been doing the cinnamon and honey with no problems. Thought I would switch it up, bad idea. I will try the other drinks just to see if they will work or not.

  22. Question: Does the almond milk and garlic mixture actually work?
    The reason that I’m questioning it because my parents think I’m crazy and my sister said it’s a scam, so I’m going to need some prove that this will work

  23. I blended garlic n milk together n trust me it's the worse thing i ever drink. After drinking it i felt like i was gonna passed out?

  24. What is that rice milk now? And how can we make get almond milk?Reply

  25. I would like to reply back to beginning glasses not great old lost my new ones need to start over please never had earplugs in either v start over please just read it

  26. Do not I repeat DO NOT try almond milk and garlic mixture …. I just tried after watching this video and puked my guts out almost fainted I never felt so disgusting in my life it was so gross my heart beat level rose and I thought blood gonna come out of my mouth any time and i literally said my last prayer to God and cursed this video to death

  27. Can i use soya milk instead of almond milk

  28. What kind of milk to be used ..

  29. Chinammon + honey; really works…takes time but then goes on auto mode

  30. I am going to try it tonight do we continue

  31. So I started last night, will update if i lost anything after a week.

  32. be careful this remedy not suitable for every person like pregnant women, BP and hart patients so please consult ur doctor and take care ur health.

  33. I’ watching this while I’m eating Nutella

  34. I have tried cinnamon turmeric and water.

  35. the ginger cucumber drink is disgusting… dont try IT!!!!

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