Minecraft Enderman Nails! Enderman is one of my favorite mobs from Minecraft – so I thought, what better way to this series? If Minecraft is one of your favorite games, make sure to give this video a thumbs up! I hope you all enjoy this video game inspired nail art tutorial 🙂


Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤

CutePolish has recently expanded to include 4 more of the internet’s top nail artists. Hannah, Juli, Minnie, and Miri have all joined Sandi to help bring new DIY nail art design videos every week.


  1. And this marks the END(erman) of my video game inspired series! ? Thank you guys SO much for all of your wonderful comments, likes, and subscriptions to CutePlay ??? I had a ton of fun doing this celebratory series on here with you guys! ? Make sure to subscribe to CutePlay (if you haven't already) because tomorrow I'll be posting my very first gaming video on there: http://www.youtube.com/cuteplay?sub_confirmation=1 ?

  2. Can you do these again PLEASE I love to do characters on my nails

  3. Omg they're so cute ❤️❤️

  4. I love u very much and yours nails too

  5. Lajk ko je sa balkana mislim iz srbije bosne hrvatske i to…??

  6. can everyone pls subscribe to me, im trying to reach 20 subscribers, if you want i can subscribe back to you!

  7. I never played mine craft but I love this design and will try it ?

  8. I know that your game inspired nail series is over, but I really want to see a Zelda botw nail design

  9. Harry potter nails anyone?? Potterheads, speak up!

  10. plz do nail art depicting nail polish bottles and nail art tools

  11. no idea how i got here but im glad i clicked ????

  12. Yaaasss I'm SOOOO gonna do this???

  13. Out here in india its 15 august..

  14. Yasss my favorite mob! 😀 This came out so cute, I love it! Definitely gotta do this myself, thanks for sharing! ^^


  16. It's very nice ? ? ? ???angélique ???????

  17. instead of using the nail foil can you just use purple nail polish or glitter purple nail polish and a sponge

  18. Can you please do some Harry Potter nail art???

  19. Cutepolish pls do a Mickey mouse nail art. Pls pls. I love mickey mouse.

  20. happy independence day to all Indians

  21. plz try to make nail art compilations


  23. You're so talented! I love Minecraft! Oh yeah and you're super pretty!

  24. YAAYYY!! i was waiting for this!!

  25. I don't play Minecraft but I really love the foil nails!

  26. Candy crush of Zelda nails hmmmm or better do both what's on my other hand special do that once a month sounds awesome

  27. Yes,Minecraft! Please make your own survival world,I will love that,can't wait!?

  28. when she did the eyes I thought she used a metallic polish

  29. Absolutely can't wait!!!! ????

  30. I dont play Minecraft but i think this is cute. Dont have nail foil so I'm going to dry brush glitter polish

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