Minimal Glowy Makeup Tutorial – KayleyMelissa

Here’s a minimal glowy makeup tutorial for everyday! This is a look I can do in under 10 minutes & be ready to go! I did this look with primer & foundation today, but feel free to skip it for an even more minimal look!

I hope you guys enjoy this quick everyday makeup how to. I know for some people this may be *a lot* and for others it’s nothing. Feel free to change it up to fit the way you like to do your makeup!

—⟣Products Mentionedt:⟢—
-Benefit Cosmetics Porefessional Primer
-NARS Natural Radiant Long Wear Foundation in Gobi
-Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge
—Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless
-Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Concealer
-Becca Under Eye Brightening Setting Powder
-L’Oreal Paris True Match Lumi Glowtion
-Urban Decay The Velvetizer
—Airspun Face Powder
-Becca Mineral Blush Flower Child
-Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray


  1. Hi Kayley, I love all of your vids, but instead of a Make-up tutorial, could you do video on how to remove your makeup? I always love your tutorials, and you explain very clearly, so maybe that can be an idea for a video in the future.

  2. I love what you said in the description lol. This is def like at least 15 more products than what i actually use haha, but its still awesome to see and nice to get ideas of new things we can try too. You rock, ily!!! ❤

    LMAO the eyebrow story ?

  3. I enjoyed a lot of these tips – though your idea of minimal makeup is much different than mine! lol.

  4. Kayley can you please make a video for poofy and frizzy and short hair. And how to blow dry wavy poofy hair.

    Also can you make a video of moisture. I’m gonna get a haircut and I want my hair to be healthy.

  5. Love this! Recommending a Christina Aguilera tutorial with her new natural look!

  6. I have the same eyeshadow routine! I’ve been wearing those exact colors from the natural love palette for a couple months now it’s my go to

  7. I really appreciate how wearable your makeup looks are!

  8. Love your makeup look.
    BTW I'm so glad I'm not the only one to have spent Christmas Eve in the ER to get a part of my face stitched back together.

  9. Could you please please please do a video on your favorite curling irons? I’m really looking to get one but I don’t know a lot about the different brands and how they compare!! I would really love to hear your thoughts on them!!

  10. Your eyebrows are perfect! They are natural and my opinion is that everything that is natural is most beautiful ?

  11. hey kayley! can you make a video for extremely poofy and dry hair. Ive been looking for videos like that but i cant find any and i honestly trust you more than any other hair youtuber.

  12. “Alright. We’re gonna cal that good!” Hahaha. That’s so me!

  13. Could you share what nail color you’re wearing? Thanks!! xx

  14. Usually a fan of your videos, I felt let down by this one… while you look great, minimal makeup with something like 18 different products seems overly excessive… and it gets expensive as well…

  15. Love this look for the weekends when I don't feel like doing my full routine! Also, I desperately want microblading too! Between thyroid issues and over waxing in my teens (oh hey 2003…) I have almost NO eyebrows left and spend at least 50% of my makeup time just trying to fill them in and get them even, hahaha. The struggle is so very real! If you decide to go for it, I hope you'll make videos about it! <3

  16. Thank you for this lovely minimal glowy look tutorial. It was much needed.

  17. Such a relatable makeup tutorial!!! Love it!

  18. Yay a makeup tutorial again!!! ?? I love this minimal makeup – I’m definitely a “natural but better” person except for lipstick lol.

  19. Hi I wanted to ask u I wanted to dye my hair with food dye and it’s a light brown and I wanna go red but I’m nervous about how it’s going to look what should I do

  20. Awesome as always Kayley! Can you do more school hairstyles or Instagram/Pinterest challenges or Essence makeup videos?

  21. Can you do a video on your favourite clarifying shampoos to remove all the product buildup?

  22. Wow I love the look of the champagne shimmer blended into the crease with the brown!! So beautiful and easy!! About to try this! ?

  23. Me and my sister both have scars by our eyebrows

  24. Thank you kayley!!! I really needed something like this, I am going on 7th grade trip to Washington D.C. in 15 days (April 6th) and this will be really great for my trip!!!

    Edit: Since I'm 13 i'll just be doing the eye shadow look and concealer.

  25. beautiful, as always Kayley

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