Minimal Monochrome Nails

❤ Here’s an easy way to get some cool monochrome nail art! 🙂


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  1. I had my nails done professionally once because my mom took me in years ago, however I'm not a nail art girl (don't even own one bottle of nail polish), but have been considering getting into it, my nails have always grown very well so maybe it's time to paint them! I'm kind of a minimalist, so this design caught my attention! Getting into this I didn't want to have to buy 10 different polishes on the first go, if you know what I mean. Was the tape you used nail tape? Or did you cut a piece of tape into small sections? I'm so not an expert here.

  2. OMG!! love your vids!! great job lets get this girl to a million subscribers!!!!!

  3. nice!! I really like it, I am going to try it one day!!

  4. I love this design! When I try to do striped nails the top coat always smudge the design. What am I doing wrong??

  5. This is awseome. I have a really edgy and chic style so this is perfect for me

  6. I love her nail shape…is that weird?

  7. Very pretty! I love how they are minimal. Sometimes less is more. Thanks for sharing. =)

  8. Love this! Never thought about using the striping tape that way! I subscribed! ?

  9. These nails are gorgeous but i find it interesting that in the video the nails ended with a black stripe but in the picture they in with a white stripe. Just something I noticed. I'm weird like that

  10. Officially obsessed with these. They are so simple but it works I just LOVE it!??❤️?

  11. Where do you get your nail tape?

  12. I love it! It's kind of like you did your nails striped and then someone came up and erased the stripes. IDK? I just think it is really cool!

  13. Amazing and simple! Please visit my channel and maybe subscribe

  14. this is a simple yet eye catching design

  15. Love this simple look!

    Any one else think she sounds like Alexa poletti?

  16. amazing idea! I'm definitely trying this design tomorrow!!

  17. Hi 🙂 I really love this design <3 Can you do more like this?

    P.S: Sorry for my English I'm French yy

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