Mix & Match Cotton Candy Nail Art Tutorial

Hi guys! In today’s DIY nail tutorial, we’re going to be doing a super cute mix and match design inspired by cotton candy colors! You guys helped me design this manicure on my live video on Facebook. I recreated it for you all to watch here on YouTube.


  1. what is the background music?? sounds so fun and cheerful XD

  2. You don't need the sponge to be pores. Just latex free. It actually turns out smoother with less pores. Yes I'm aware of my mistake in the first sentence.

  3. I love this look so much!! ??xo

  4. ok but pink and blue together is everything

  5. What was the name of the turquoise polish?

  6. next time can you actually put the color and the name of the nail polish and tools on the screen. thx.

  7. Lol thumb nail and thumbnail …. GET IT ?! ?????

  8. In the vid u put ur middle finger up xD

  9. my favorite nail was the one with the bow

  10. On my thumb I did half pink and half turquoise or blue

  11. how do you clean up around your nails without removing your manicure??

  12. I tried this on my nails!!! it's soooo cute!!! thank you !!!

  13. Where do you buy you stuff

  14. these nails are on top of my oldest daughter Atlanta list

  15. This is like one of my favorite designs

  16. Who's watching this in 2016 March

  17. Lol we have the same white Polish!???

  18. i tried it out and it is so easy

  19. I love how her nails always turn out so good

  20. does she do other peoples nails

  21. I don't like the big bows on nails it bugs me so I take them off

  22. I'm on level four polish blast

  23. oh my gosh love those fantastic styles

  24. dat ziet er kool uit ik ga dat ook proberen

  25. Btw thanks I need more ways to do my nails

  26. Where did you get that nail sponge?:)

  27. I love this nail art but unfortunately I can't be able to do it as I have a really bad addiction of biting them, I have tried a non biting nail polish and it has sort of worked, as I would also like you to know is that I'm a HUGE ram I love you so much and your hands are amazing Xxx❤️❤️

  28. how many of leopard nails do you have in your tutorials do you have? Thats getting boring… Do something new..


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