Mix & Match: Monochrome Nails


  1. cough I wanna do this on Laughing Jack cough

  2. If you use a topcoat to apply tje stud how long will it stay on/last ???

  3. she is very carefully hasn't she make a mistake once….but nice nail tutorials❤❤??

  4. which was that nail polish she put at her nail first

  5. Use thread instead of a floss is better, there's a certain type of floss

  6. who is still watching this in 2016??


  8. On the pinkie you should of done stripes

  9. You get the nails by using fake nails

  10. the music creeps the shit out of me

  11. hi???????????????????????????????

  12. I love your design! Can you make another video like this?

  13. I love your nail art tutorials and I'm going to do the back to school nails because I start school in 8 days! <3

  14. She sounds like the main character in mean girls 2 ??

  15. read ur comments wierdo hahahah

  16. I like it because how the middle one looks

  17. Can u do a video to show us how to make your nails shaped like that thanx luv your videos:):):)

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