Monthly Work Outfit Options – Style Mix + Match Ideas

Hi, Loves! Here is a NEW Mix and Match Styling video with lots of cute ideas for the upcoming month. Every mix and match video is to share with you styling ideas you can do with a few capsule pieces in your wardrobe. Minimize your spending and maximize your style with these handy tips for the busy working women.

Clothing shown is to inspire you how to mix and match what you may already have.

▪ Linen Navy Blue Jacket: Here
▪ Linen Navy Blue Trousers: Here
▪ Pencil Skirt: Here
▪ Striped Blue Top: Here
▪ Pink Sweater: not current from Jcrew
▪ Black wide leg trousers: not current Express
▪ Blue high rise trousers: not current Asos
▪ Polka dot tank: not current Mango
▪ Pink Skirt: Ann Taylor
▪ Multi colored skirt: Target
▪ Bell sleeve top: unknown boutique
▪ Black Shoes: not current, Zara
▪ Tan Shoes: not current, Steve Madden
▪ Office white trousers: Here
▪ Pink Blazer: similar here


  1. Very elegant and classy, I love these outfits for work!

  2. These are perfect❤️ since I work at Forever 21 this would be the perfect workwear for me!

  3. Love it! My dress code only allow khaki and red lol and my other job..pretty much in my pj ^_^

  4. Did you have the joggers hemmed? I'm assuming you didn't but I'm your exact same size I want to buy some I just want to make sure I don't have to alter them

  5. Oh, I loved your combinations. My work is a mix of casual and semi-formal so this has helped me think about what I need to make more outfits. Thanks for making this!

  6. Where did you get the tan backless evening dress you paired with the blue blazer?

  7. Loooove looove. Xoxo nairobi, kenya, east africa

  8. N the most important heel that match most of the looks

  9. i think most of these are outfits for people in the creative field. i dont know for full on corporate people like accountants or lawyers…. but i got great ideas thanks!

  10. I just landed my first big girl job and I had no idea what to shop for! Thanks so much for the tips!

  11. Thank you thank you thank you! I'm trying to reinvent my style and I feel like you've helped me so much
    Quick question, where did you get the white pants and the light blue top?

  12. Loved this video! I struggle so much with what to wear to work. It is very casual (like jeans and tshirts every day) but it sort of makes me feel unprofessional! Not sure how to look polished without completely sticking out from my coworkers.

  13. That tricolored skirt is to die for! Im living for this whole closet. Well done, Im really amazed at how well put together everything is. xx

  14. Everything is out of stock ugh ?

  15. @Ann lee, where do you shop at? You have really cute pieces.

  16. i love that u rather chubby..just like most women..?

  17. these are so cute!! If only I can wear them but our dress code is pretty bland. If you wear color they'd wonder if it's a celebration of some kind. lol.

  18. Where did you buy that cream colored skirt around 5:20?? it's so cute!

  19. Ann!! this vid was so helpful! I am currently doing some summer cleaning but I'm gunna start a master's program and I needed inspiration for clothes that were fun and not make me look older than my age since I'm still very young! I thought the pops of color were wonderful and creative! Thank you the fashion inspiration <3

  20. you do this too! i would love to see a bullet journal of these…

  21. I LOVE your style! Thanks for doing this video! Got a lot of inspiration from it?

  22. I wish to have your wardrobe 🙂 very nice clothes and combinations

  23. Finally a work wear lookbook that you can actually wear to an office!

  24. This was a great video, and I really appreciated how you reimagined your playsuit. Can you please let us know where the playsuit was purchased? Thanks a bunch!!!

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