Morning Skin Routine (2018) → For Healthy Radiant Skin!


  • ►Foreo Luna Play Cleanser: Here
  • ►Burts Bees’s Soap Bark and Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream: Here
  • ►BOSCIA Clear Complexion Tonic: Here
  • ►Mary Louise Miracle Serum: Here
  • ►No B.S Vitamin C + E Serum: Here
  • ►OLEHENRIKSEN Banana Bright Eye Crème: Here
  • ►GLOW RECIPE Watermelon Pink Juice Moisturizer: Here
  • ►Vaseline Rosy Lip Therapy: Here


  1. Hey yal so this routine is pretty pricey LOL but I choose to invest in my skin ESPECIALLY now that my hair is short. I also use a retinol cream at night (the no b.s one from my updated night routine) so I always use an spf primer or spf foundation on days when I choose not to use an spf moisturizer. I didn’t include that because that’s a part of my makeup routine.

  2. For these day and night skin routines, do you do them everyday and night? ? your skin is really gorgeous! ???

  3. Girl, you are sooo beautiful!!!!

  4. after all this routine, i can use makeup?

  5. what music are you using to open your videos?

  6. I love this video it was short, informative & your skin is glowing❤

  7. Girl im bout to snatch up ur whole routine…flawflesssssss!!!!!

  8. I’m going to try that shower trick! Thanks for sharing your skin looks amazing !

  9. Why do i want everything in this routine?

  10. Hey Kaice just wanted to leave you a comment thanking you for sending products I brought on Poshmark. You are a incredible person and great YouTuber. Thank You !

  11. That tiny vaseline is the cutest ? I'm gonna start pressing my products into my skin. That's a great tip ??


  13. Lovely! Don’t forget your neck, mama. Gorg, as always! ?

  14. Is the products good for sensitive dry skin?

  15. Where do you store your cleansing brush after using it?

  16. Thanks for sharing, your skin looks Great!

  17. Beautiful and healthy skin, straight glow

  18. How would you rate the watermelon lotion?

  19. Your skin is perfect ?

  20. Where did u get these products

  21. forever in love with the short hair ??

  22. and your skin???omg I wanna try

  23. Uploaded on my birthday 4/16!? Best birthday gift all day! LOL thanks beautiful?

  24. Girl you might as well come and do my skin routine. I be struggling with this sensitive skin that's dry in certain areas

  25. Major glow! ✨ Don’t forget the sun oil or sunscreen ladies! Gotta protect against them UV rays ?

  26. Ion know how you scrub your face with your nose ring in. . . . But I loved this video!

  27. My girl love u so much love all the way from london xxxx

  28. These are my favorite videos. ?

  29. Fucking flawless!!!??? Ima need to try that serum, been looking for something for my hyper pigmentation.

  30. Just like in your hair, oils seal everything in so they should be the last or one of the last things you apply in your routine. Your skin looks amazing btw ?

  31. Yaassss that's my sis rite there?????.

  32. Beautiful I really need to up my skin routine. You are showing me how.

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