Moroccan Roasted Squash Hummus – Gordon Ramsay


  1. came from the scary side of youtube to calm down. thanks

  2. Before you start, become a CEO to earn more money, so you can afford these ingredients

  3. i don’t even like hummus, but that looks really good. you sir are a god.

  4. Funny thing in kitchen nightmares season 6 episode 13 Ramsay makes fun of pumpkin hummus and now he's cooking the same thing

  5. Omg the uneducated racist rednecks commenting what the hell, do they even know how to cook a fucking egg. Shut up if you don't enter a kitchen and make food and if you have something hateful to say well then shut up again and reflect on yourselves it's a recipe make it or leave it, its simple not rocket fucking science.

  6. That's not all the ingredients we use for ras alhanut. This is not a Moroccan dish.

  7. Gordon what's the deal mate? You roasted that Greek guy in Kitchen Nightmares for making pumpkin hommus. Now it's everywhere and you are even making something very similar yourself! Whether his version was good or not is irrelevant. You said that pumpkin and hommus don't go together?

  8. SHIT! Ramsay knows about Ras al-hanout, he knows our secret!!!

  9. i made this exactly the way gordon shows… and i bow to him… simply amazing… i mean i now understand what a michelin star chef means… this recepie made me a super chef in my peer. thank u gordon

  10. funny thig is, i'm moroccan and we don't actuallt make this lol

  11. Idk if your the real Gordon Ramsay but I love cooking and these are awesome for some help on becoming a more serious cook

  12. Well damn. I was looking for something to cook while in Morocco and here comes Ramsey with a Moroccan dish. Boss 🙂

  13. Ah i forget hummos we cook it with goet leg's it yamii

  14. Ur wellcome to morocco and any one can show u how we do moroccan food and u be like it it really not same Ask for (rass hanout) is secret we do it in tajin and they not have it in europ or any place just morocco we love u <3

  15. But how it moroccan dich and any of moroccan they not like tahini and they not know how to make it because it not moroccan dish we have many way's for cook hummos but not with tahini and pampkin we do pampkin in tajin meet with argan oil onion and marinad and it sooooo yami try it

  16. People trying to insult Gorden… I think the only way to insult him is making the worst dish possible… If that

  17. I watch your show everyday on fatafeat â˜șâ˜ș

  18. Thanks Gordon! You've made me an amazing cook! Can't thank you enough!

  19. looks great.
    Yeah and I have a grandfather of Moroccan decent, so I know Ras-Al-Hnut (or however you write it, that spice he mentioned).  It's good.

  20. I like to use a little bit of harissa- that Tunisian chilli paste. Depends how hot you like it. 

  21. Mmmm, this dish is mind blowing! Especially the fennel seeds are a discovery for me here. Finallly I will learn how to use herbs and spices in the kitchen!

  22. I love it when Ramsey is nice and sweet! Not mean! Love it! Great chef!

  23. I love hummus but find it hard to get one without tahini in it. What is an alternate choice for tahini (serious anaphylaxis allergy to all ground and tree nuts, seeds). My food choices are limited.

  24. I have like… 2 of these ingredients. And I think my grocery store has 4 of the ingredients.

  25. i thought it said amazing moroccan roasted squash HUMANS 🙁

  26. WAY too many ingredients…..PASS!!

  27. I'm shocked people think the ingredients here are weird or "alien" if you have tried yellow mustard on hot dogs, sausage pizza, pumpkin pie/carrot cake, and tacos. Then you have tasted 99% of these ingredients before. Your palette is just a customized to it being serving a certain way. Some may not like to have cinnamon in somethig savory. Others don't like certain combinations. None of these ingredients are weird, some just don't know what they have had in the past because some don't care to see what they really put in their mouth

  28. Any chance you can get the proportions on here? For the different ingredients?


  29. Donde estĂ© una tortilla de patata…que se quiten fritatas, esa tortilla con su huevo cremoso por el centro, su sabor a cebolla…mmmmmmmm

  30. on a kitchen nightmares episode gordon said "there are some things that work with pumpkin, hummus is not one of them" …well 😛

  31. How can i get the measurement?

  32. WoW! hummus..I love it…and the black beans hummus is also the,BOMB! that's slang..for good….chuckle, chuckle..

  33. Hey Gordon can u come to Singapore again I want to learn from u !! :)) please

  34. thats enough cinnamon to kill people.

  35. Who else is on a Gordan Ramsay binge?

  36. Where do you find the tahini?

  37. Its a video about Hummus, get the fucking pole out of your ass people Jesus.

  38.  this look beautiful dip tks for sharing it but I cannot get all the spices you add in .great chef

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