The Three Most Addictive Prescription Drugs On The Planet

Prescription drugs are on this planet for the good of people. They’ve been developed by scientists to aid various ailments and diseases in order for us to monitor and control symptoms, as well as nurse us back to full health.

However, they can also be abused and prescription drug abuse is common. More common than you may think, in fact. In some instances, they may be being taken and abused from the moment they arrive in a consumer’s hands, in others they may have started life as being prescribed by a doctor for a real ailment, before becoming hooked and reliant upon them, casting them into years of abuse.

Therefore, it’s important to know just how addictive they can be. So, what are among the top three most addictive prescription drugs in the world?

Most Addictive Prescription Drugs



Opioids are proving incredibly harmful at the moment and especially in the USA where there’s a huge fentanyl crisis, with a new rainbow variant currently sweeping the market. There’s an increasing number of overdoses from fentanyl, particularly among young people.

Opioids are most commonly prescribed for pain relief, and they are highly addictive which is why it has become such a problem not just in the United States, but globally, with the likes of codeine and meperidine also among the most likely to become addicted to.

CNS Depressants


Another prescription drug type that many people have become addicted to and abused over the years is CNS depressants. Xanax and diazepam are the most frequent medication being abused, alongside klonopin and over the last 20 years, there are around four times as many people dying due to these drugs through addiction and abuse.

Designed to treat anxiety and panic attacks, they are a calming drug that many people are using to deal with stressful situations.



Stimulants are being abused in quite epic numbers and you’ll find that this is particularly amongst students and those in high power or stressful jobs. Amphetamines are among the most likely to be abused with the drugs originally developed to aid those with ADHD. However, people who are sleep deprived or exhausted through day-to-day life are often abusing these to try and remain awake and get work done, or simply get through a shift.

For the likes of the hospitality industry, it’s becoming a real problem and more and more young people are overdosing or becoming hooked on the style of drugs.