Most Comfortable Flats Money Can Buy! | Closet Closeup

Hi guys! This video is the start of a new series I’m calling Closet Closeup – meant to share with you the best, highest-quality item I’ve found for a particular clothing category. Today I’m sharing with you why Tieks are the most comfortable and quality flats I’ve found, and giving a review of the Tieks as well. Comfortable flats are SO hard to come by, but Tieks are worth the price and have totally saved my feet!!


  1. Any feedback on how Rothy's compare?

  2. Those flats becomes you. I'll look for them. Thanks. I trust you, considering your research. Great.

  3. Hmmm. As I clicked on this video, low and behold there were about 10 other best flat videos all recommending same brand. I guess this is the company's marketing strategy–how dishonest. On you t shirt, James Pearse to me doesn't hold up well at all.

  4. My bf just ordered mine in Blue Paradise for my birthday…..I'm so excited I can't sleep till they get here. ???

  5. I love your pillows. Where did you get them?

  6. Thank you but i cannot afford them do you know a nother brand?budget one?

  7. Yes I am also always trying to find the best of everything, but lol it gets PRICEY.

  8. Although I'm a man, I like flats, too. I find them awesome, comfortable, sensual and pretty.

  9. I'm going to buy my first pairs soon Which colors should I get? What size should I do if I'm a 6.5?

  10. Super cute Tieks. You look great in them.

  11. I do love mine! They are my favorite shoes.

  12. Those flats are so cute on you !

  13. I just got my first pair, so excited!

  14. Do you find that you have to clean your Ballet Pink pair?
    I think they're just gorgeous, and I'm considering getting that color for a second pair, but I'm concerned that they'll get dirty.

  15. I love my two pairs of Tieks, they are super comfty and they hold up well and I can walk a lot with them without hurting my feet. Thanks for your review and I love your ballet pink Tieks flats !

  16. I ordered a matte black pair this morning after watching your video. I've been looking at them for over 6 months and was so nervous but ordered. Hopefully I love them.

  17. I contemplated purchasing Tieks for over 6 months! (I have the worst luck with flats). I think I'm finally ready. I swear you are literally reading my mind when it comes to these videos!

  18. They also offer vegan selection! 🙂

  19. Look forward to watching more of this series.

  20. Great video, can't wait for more! How long did you have your 1st pair of tieks before they were worn out?

  21. Do they only have an online store? I would love to try on a pair! Btw this series is such a great idea! Soooo look forward to the next episode!

  22. Those are cute! You look pretty

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