Mother’s Day Nail Art – Pro Tips: Gel Polish and Calligraphy Pen

Suzie has fun adding Messages on Her Nails. This video has excellent tips on using Gel Polish, and Calligraphy Pen to create a very personal Nail Art Design.

Products used in this video

  • Dark Pink #31, Light Pink #30, Pink Sparkle – #18, GEL TOP COAT by UGLY DUCKLING
  • File – DUET 180/180 by INM
  • Super Pigmented Acrylic and Calligraphy Pen

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  1. I would love you to do my nails

  2. Ok as a teacher I am curious. How many of you tried to make a cheat card on your nails??? Like if you did 😀

  3. Because your discount code brings the price down SO much for the LED, does that mean we then have to pay shipping?

  4. Doesn't she look like an older version of Kristen from BuzzFeed??

  5. I really appreciate the bob ross pin

  6. where did you get the bottle that you put you acrylic liquid in i wanted one and cant find them any where.

  7. Legend has it suzie will never respond to this comment

  8. I would love to know what acrylic brush you use?

  9. when i saw rhe picture i thought u had trapped glitter in side your nail and it looked really cool

  10. you are my biggest inspiration!!

  11. I love all your videos and I love your hair too lol

  12. Can we put gel polish on natural nails or its jus for acrylicnails???

  13. I love this cuticle oil I use it every day

  14. love your videos just one request could you do something based on cats like stamping or design thanks vee!

  15. SO cute…. I've been binge watching your channel and I gotta say thanks because in one of the other vids the discount code for the led lamp is VERY generous 70% off, not sure if the code you mention here is the same or not I didn't bother to look.

  16. What’s the point of writing on your nails. Yes, I know about occasion, but I thin you could draw something instead of writing words no one is going to read unless you show them.

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