Mrs Claus REAL Candy Cane Nails

What kind of nails would Mrs Claus wear? Candy Cane of course! Suzie creates a beautiful set of Real Candy Cane Acrylic Nails in this Step by Step Tutorial.

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  1. Oooh I'd love to see her (or Jenna Marbles lmao) experiment with foods and icing/liquids as a edible 'substitute' for acrylic and add those mini pieces of food 😉 ….it's a terrible idea! But it would be so fun to try

  2. OMG, I have no words. U impress me every time. Ur absolutely amazing. Love u and ur channel. Happy Holidays. Much love from L.A.

  3. Watches video "hmm seems nice and pretty" sees buffer… HOW LIKE HOW DO U LIKE BUFF YOUR NAILS

  4. How fun! I'd love to see one with the blue and white candy canes! I love this look!

  5. Something gross about food products in nails. Pass

  6. I'm terrified of trying to use acrylic. I can't explain why it just scares me. Any tips? Should I just go for it? I want to really badly.

  7. Someone has to try all the nail polishes before they leave the North Pole ???❤️

  8. Hello. I want to start doing my nails with gel and i couldn't find anywhere why some gels come in pots and some as regular nail polish??? I like to use tips and whenever i got my nails done it was done from the gels in pots, but when I went online i couldn't find any gels in pots except Sina, which I know is really bad. Can someone help? Will gel in regular bottles cover the tip? I dont't understand anything ????

  9. Ive never had my nails done because I have clubbed thumbs and felt embarrassed by how they look. But I would totaly let Suzie do my nails.

  10. that electric file sound reminds me of being at the dentist: SKREEEEEEE

  11. Girl this is the holiday next step from the chili pepper nails! I love these, it's almost like nail challenges!

  12. I literally bought the Kiss Nail kit just to mimic and try all your nails. SO ENCHANTING!!!

  13. Is it possible to do a video like this using gel?

  14. I love this idea and btw, you look amazing! Happy Holidays! ?

  15. I am wondering if you can out the candy cane in a food pressor so it is more ground.

  16. What is that song at the end of the video?? Super catchy! Haha

  17. in the thumbnail it looked like she murdered someone

  18. Food in nails? Jenna would be so proud.

  19. Can you do a blue flame look for chanukah? Or any design you can imagine.

  20. Love the candy cane nails, hope this works on natural nails to (I have natural long nails) would like to try this during the Christmas season.

  21. Luv it ! Luv it! Luv it ! I asked another nail tech to see if this can be done, I guess you beat her to it. It's woohoo! Cute ?????????? your very talented, you can't stop now.

  22. Never stop making videos. By far the most relaxing and satisfying channel out there. Much love ?❤️

  23. Watching suzie take down and reshape and redefine those beauties is SOOOOO satisfying omggg

  24. So cute !! Love these very festive

  25. So creative, I love it! I'm still mastering encasing decals and fun stuff in acrylics. I have two friends that let me play. I just end up getting them so thick, lol… But they are sweeties and bare with me. I love watching and listening to you. Thank you for sharing your talents!

  26. Omg i love the nails, but where did you get the sweater, i need it in my life!

  27. The patience it takes to succeed in this art is truly remarkable. Suzie is simply amazing! ❤

  28. I think if they were pointy they'd look a lot better. Looks very thickand claw like to me. Love the idea though:) (I do understand that it's think because of the candy cane inlay, just think the pointy look would hide that a bit better)

  29. Do you think it would be possible to do gemstone or layered rock looking nails? Like you layer thin layers of different colors of acrylic, file them down to show the different layers, and filling the dent in with clear acrylic?

  30. I can learn how to do acrylics just by watching her (I watch her a lot)

  31. For this look what about using a food processor to really get it almost like a dust? That way you still get the candy cane look but it doesn’t go on as thick so that the pieces are a lot smaller? Do you think that would work better?

  32. ???✨??✨???❤️??

  33. OH MY GOD! This is perfect for christmas season maybe you should do christmas tree nails like bells on each or like green glitter polish as a base then you put a red strip of glitter like a present that the ring finger a christmas tree!

  34. I love the idea of this, but the execution I feel didn't work out that great. They remind of me of vomit :c

  35. i love your videos but this was a miss for me – if you asked someone who didn't know how or why you constructed those nails what they were, they wouldn't be able to say. They kind of just look messy and weirdly shaped – i think it's because once a candy cane is smashed up then it loses the identifying part of what it was – the stripes. Your other hand looks great though! 😀

  36. This is amazing and so creative! I love love love candy canes!

  37. YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY NAILS! !!???????

  38. I had the same thought about peppermint nails on the chili pepper flakes video! Are you psychic or what?

  39. im a guy who cant do nails to save my life, but watching you go is pretty awesome

  40. You're like an old school Martha or Ina, but for nails. So calming and articulate. I just love your videos!! ✨

  41. suzie girl you've done it again, your so stunning, and these nails are the bomb girl, and i so love your sweet voice and attitude your such an amazing lady and beyond talented, you rock those candy cane nails doll, love love love it, im gonna try to do a video on how to do this candy cane nails with the pro dipping system so that us ladys can have your candy nails to us being able to only use a dipping system cos of nail allergies ty suzie love and admire you alot mar

  42. I enjoyed this video, but if you wanted the look of the traditional candy cane with stripes, wouldn't it have been better to just use the stripes instead of crushed pieces of candy cane? I dont think anyone would know thats crushed candy cane unless they asked. I would have thought those were pop rocks in your nails.

  43. what has jenna created. food in nails.

  44. OMG I just had a revelation…. I was thinking about candy canes and how good they smell, and thought… what about scratch n' sniff NAILS?? that would be a super-cool throwback to my childhood haha ?

  45. Love this video !!!
    Do the nails smell ??
    If you wanted to change nail design would you have to file all the candy cane away ?? Thank you xxx

  46. Your hair looks so nice today! (: I love the nail idea, by the way. <3

  47. I wasn’t sure at first when watching you do them but I should of known better than for suzi to mess up,they look amazing as always but don’t give grant any of these nails because he will start biting them again haha tfs as always.
    Christmas greetings from the uk. X

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