• ►Apogee Texture Treatment: Here
  • ►Black Sugar Scrub by SkinFood: Here
  • ►Burt’s Bee’s Lip Scrub: Here
  • ►Burt’s Bee’s Rejuvenating Eye Mask : Here
  • ►Burt’s Bee’s Lip Mask: Here
  • ►Mielle Organics Pom & Honey Body Wash: Here
  • ►LUSH Buffy: Here
  • ►LUSH Pumice Power: Here


  1. Aware of the booger in my nose lmao

  2. Awesome video I wish we get these products in india

  3. What's your nail color please? I've had my Mary K lil scrub. I use Burt Bees sensitive face wipes

  4. Awesome video. Where did you get your shower curtain

  5. i think you should always treat your self from stress

  6. Want to learn all about the beauty tips. Go to google and search: "Blast4beauty". There are ample of unheard information given here.

  7. Buying all these ☺️✨

  8. OMG I need that body scrub like now?

  9. How often do you need to do these steps/regimen?

  10. wonderful I totally wanna try this is epic???

  11. I enjoyed this video! I learned about products I did not know existed before, and I definitely want to try them now. This was an awesome video and I want to see more of them like this

  12. I actually love your skincare videos??❤️

  13. Girl I need to splurge on my night routine stuff! It’s time!

  14. Yes ma’am! Loved the video ???

  15. Jus made a few purchases from LUSH. Thnkx sis?

  16. I love Buffy and pumice power, Buffy always leaves my skin glowing and smooth. I need the body wash and that oil. Tfs ❤️

  17. I just ordered two of the mielle organics body wash.. thanks girl

  18. I love that song that came in with the intro

  19. Kaice this video is awesome and you shared some products I am definitely gonna have to buy! ?

  20. Great video! Thanks for sharing. There are definitely some items shown that I plan on giving a try.

  21. Awesome video!! I love how detailed you are in this video, thank you!

  22. Thank you for another great video. You put a lot of hard work into this video & your head to toe skin routine. I will be checking out some of these skin products. Your skin is glowing ❤

  23. I wil def b getn the lush Buffy cuz I get tired uv diggn my dam hands n my y body scrub container. By the time I'm dun using my scrub dam thang b full uv water. Tfs sis I wil b purchasing.

  24. The thumbnail ???.Never knew there was a lip mask wow

  25. Could you do a video dedicated to the no b.s skincare? also does your cover fx illuminating spray leave white specks on you face? Your​ skin looks amazing!

  26. I love when she does skincare videos ❤

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