My Age . Hairstyles I can’t do . Q&A!!

Here’s a Q&A! A lot of you have asked about my age, hairstyles, where I work. Here are the answers!! This video is for you guys!! I hope you enjoyed a little peek into my life. I”m sure I could do another in the future to answer more questions. Hopefully I can keep working through the stage fright to get more life style / diy / food / vlog videos up!


  1. I'd like to see makeup tutorials from you, but I'll admit I was totally sucked in by all of the Game of Thrones tutorials so I'm glad the hair tutorials aren't going anywhere.

  2. MY BIRTHDAY IS ON JUNE 29!!!!!???

  3. I'm 50 and people always think I'm younger my friend told me it's my skin and young spirit
    You should visit Australia . New Zealand's not too far away

  4. Can you do a tutorial on the headband rolled up bun? I want to do it for my upcoming wedding but I'm clueless when it comes to volume and styling it. Help! Who else better to help than you

  5. kayley im so glad u did the wonderwoman braid because that was how i found your account, and now you're my favourite hair youtuber! i love the way u teach – it's very clear and succinct. hope to continue watching more videos from you Xxx


  7. Omg…….. your 27,u look as if ur 17

  8. Can you do some bridal hair styles?? I'm doing an outdoor forest/ country themed wedding and I need inspiration!! I have really long (to my waist) super thick (regularly told I have the hair of three people) hair. So I need help!! Please!

  9. Much love,hugs,and blessings to you.

  10. You go girl conquering your fear.Congratulations your doing great by conquering your fear a little at a time.I have Social Anxiety/Selective Mutism and it's really hard for me to interact with strangers even though I want too,but I just can't get the words out of my mouth.

  11. My sisters can relate to you are. Present right now their 17 but people think they are 12 and they dont even wear makeup XD

  12. Makes me feel better as a 53 year old woman to know your not 18. I love trying your hair styles. I hate teasing hair, and hair spray. I go natural color my husband has been graying since I started dating him at 17 years old. Yes, we have been married 33 years and i have waist length hair.

  13. Hi Kaley!
    I remember you mentioning being a cosmetologist in a previous video! So thanks for touching on that! I have a follow up question then. Since you freelance on the side, do you have to have a special license or insurance or something to be able to charge clients? I've always kind of wondered this. I've been a cosmetologist for almost 12 years now 🙂
    Also, a bachelors in philosophy doesn't surprise me a bit when it comes to also being a cosmetologist! It's amazing how philosophy and even psychology can compliment your cosmetology career!

    You rock my face off. Thank you for being awesome, Kaley!

  14. When you said you wanted to go to New Zealand I nearly cheered. You really should one day, but not in May through July. Our winters are super disappointing.

  15. What's your natural hair color

  16. i am really happy that i came across to ur video..u r amazing..i just learn to make a simple braid..only because of u..and now i am trying different braids..only because of u much..? big fan…? a hearty respect?

  17. Happy Birthday, Kayley Melissa! You are a great person!
    Jane from Southfield, MI (did hair 20 yrs:)

  18. she has the same birthday as me this is my mom's account

  19. Ur ideal is almost my hair type??? I want red hair

  20. I always find random bobbypins in my hair too ?

  21. can you please do a extention video?

  22. I've been watching your channel since before you moved to California and I can't wait to see you branch out 🙂

  23. i tought your single bec you look younger than 29 you looks like 25?

  24. Oh my goodness I thought you were like 17!!

  25. Please do more of these!! You have an amazing, happy personality, you shouldn't be nervous x

  26. I'm 34 and I've been married for 14 years and I have two kids. One is 17 and the other is 11. And people think I am their sister

  27. Same birthday! Love your videos!

  28. If it makes you feel better… I and all of the people I know agree that our 30s are way better than our 20s! Great video as always 🙂

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