My Best Skincare Routine+Demo!!!

Hey chicas! This is my newest, most effective skincare routine! I mentioned Veronica Gorgeois, my new go-to skin guru! Please go subscribe to her channel! I’ll link it below. I will also link all of the products mentioned in this video.




  1. Where can I find the Boots Expert Sensitive Gentle Refreshing Toner? They no longer have it on target or amazon ?

  2. I am so enamored by your cute laugh ????

  3. Hi Brittney, you should look in to HOTANDFLASHY (youtube channel) shes amazing, for anti-aging, what your skin needs skin care routine x

  4. also try a PMD microderm you can get them cheap on aliexpress

  5. Hi. Love ur video. I love your hair color! What is your hair color and what brand?

  6. I use paper towel to pat dry my face…I buy it from the dollar store (no need to get an expensive brand).

  7. This video reminds me to use my clarisonic. I put it away for a while bc I over used it. Its an exfoliating tool so its not good to use it 3 times a day everyday. Brittney, I would say either use it every other day or once at night. Just a warning since we have similar skin type.

  8. Hey came across your video! Great  job! Only thing I noticed you do is when you apply things (example: your toner), you pull down (towards the ground) on your skin. ALWAYS go upwards in direction! AND, when you put anything on (or take any makeup off) from underneath your eye, you go from the outsides of your eye inwards. These movements go against the natural aging process and gravity. You never want to reinforce gravity's direction. Once, no big deal…but make it a life-long habit when applying and removing makeup/lotions to and from your skin and it's helpful. Just a tip, love!  You're wonderful and obviously gorgeous. x

  9. This was a great and informative routine Brittney! Thank you for sharing!

  10. I kind of want the purple clarisonic, but they're so damn expensive. for now I just have that Sephora brush that you manually scrub your face  with. Not the little $5 ones but the bigger one that's $16 dollars. It's nice for a manual face brush.

  11. Damn you Brittney!! Now i have to get a clarisonic

  12. We got the same eyes I am mixed to

  13. Thank you so much for recommending Veronica! She's been so informative and I've been watching her videos none stop. She has made me look at my skincare differently! ?

  14. I watched you since the beginning and I'm so glad you're back ❤️ full of emotions ?? lol ❤️?

  15. I loveeeee your channel! I just found you and subscribed. You deserve way more subscribers. Plus you are a total natural beauty <3 thanks for the great videos!

  16. Hey Brittney the best thing that's worked for me getting great skin is organic coconut oil! I've been using it as a moisturizer after washing my face with a cleanser (I use aveeno) and my skin is glowing and minimal to no acne. It's also a great make up remover as well. I have oily skin so I was afraid of trying it but it's worked out well so I recommend it.
    Ps: it's best to put on the coconut oil before you go to sleep, when you wake up your skin will glow! And of course drink lots of water too??

  17. I am really loving your vids! and your background is awesome – is it wallpaper?xx

  18. I have eczema on my forehead and in my hairline and I've had a hard time finding a cleanser that doesn't dry my skin out but still keeps it from being oily. Any suggestions?

  19. A word on the clarisonic, while it is an awesome cleansing device using it 2x a day will likely result in over exfoliation. You definitely don't want to run it 2x at night, especially if your skin is more dry than oily. Try using disposable esthetic wipes to remove your oil cleanser. This will take off all the makeup and you can use to clarisonic to clean your skin and not take off traces of makeup. I'm an esthetician also, and from here you have great skin.

  20. Maybe I missed it but what kind of skin do you have as far as it being oily, dry, etc.?

  21. are u using the clarisonic twice a day? 🙂

  22. I'm so happy to see you are back on YouTube. I have been subscribed to you since your pre beauty school days. Loving your new videos you are beautiful and awesome!!!!! ?

  23. I love Veronica's channel! Not sure how I came across her, but my skin is so glad I did. Great video!

  24. Its so weird, when I do nothing to my face (just wash it with plain water), i dont get any zits. But when I use product on my face like face wash, toners, and all that stuff, I break out! Why?

  25. You look sooooo gorgeous! I love this look!! Tutorial on it?

  26. Love your hair! Omg I never knew fragrance wasn't good for the skin ? I may have to look for whole new skin care products without fragrances. But it makes sense though.

  27. Why are You so bomb! Fav youtuber hands down

  28. Hello I love knowing everything about skincare and I also follow Veronica s channel. Just a suggestion for your routine, for your spf 30 to work perfectly it has to be the first thing you apply on your face after your toner so you ll get the full protection . Got that tip from Dr Schultz from his Dermtv channel on youtube. My skin also break out if I don t take care of it and it helps me to use tissue or clean towel to pad dry my face that way I avoid bacterias back on my face. Hope those tips help you, I have more tips on my channel also if you re interested. Anyway great videos. Bisous from Paris !

  29. Can you do a video on your hair, the colour and how you styled it in this video, looks great!!

  30. Your hair is looking great! Updated hair care routine??

  31. For your background are you using fabric?

  32. Is moisturizer good for oily skin? And the oil you use under your eyes and other areas is that good for oily skin as well?

  33. I love this makeup look!! And your videos

  34. Hey Hun, I was wondering if you have a remedy/product for under eye circles?

  35. Glad you're back. Your hair and makeup in this vid makes you look like Carmen Electra !

  36. What color nail polish your wearing!?

  37. Happy belated Birthdayyy !!! And that tip about sleeping with your makeup on and paying for it for a week is soo true omg !

  38. Your skin is flawless, especially your naked face.
    Happy 30th birthday.

  39. Happy Birthday and wish you the best!

  40. By the way – what are you wearing on your nails? 🙂

  41. You look so fresh and you kind of shine 🙂 Don't know how to describe it 😀 Just – you look really good!

  42. Did you break out when you first started the clarisonic??

  43. Brittney so glad you're back! 🙂 Great videos, try a more clean backround tho, with neutral color so the focus is on you:)

  44. Happy belated birthday, Brittney! Great vid too x

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