My Blonde Hair Care & Favorite Products

Hey guys! Today we’re talking about my blonde hair care and favorite products! This is part of my hair care routine series.

A lot of you have asked about what masks and treatments I use on my hair to keep it healthy or how I keep my hair from turning brassy. I’m answering all of those questions in this video! I think having a great blonde hairstyle requires getting rid of hard water build up, treating the damage, and toning the color. So I’m going to tell you all about that today!

★What I Mentioned:★

★Filtered Shower Head, I’ve used and like:

  • Cedar & Citrus Inline SPA Showered Filter & Water Softener (from Amazon)
  • T3 Source Showered Filter (Sephora)

★Clarifying Shampoo:

  • Neutrogena Anti Residue Shampoo
  • Pureology Clarifying Shampoo

★Malibu C Wellness Treatment (You can buy on their website, or use their site to look up salons in your area that sell their products!)

  • Hard Water Wellness Treatment
  • Blonde Wellness Treatment
  • Joico K Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor
  • ORS Hair Mayonnaise – Sallys
  • It’s a 10 5 Minute Miracle for Blondes*
  • It’s a 10 Leave in Treatment for Blondes
  • Moroccanoil Treatment Light*
  • Another great treatment option is this DIY Mask
  • Schwarzkopf Bona Cure Color Freeze Silver Shampoo

★What I’m wearing:★

  • Shirt: Loft
  • Lips: I mixed a lot of lipsticks together for that one…I don’t remember them all :/


  1. I don't even have blonde hair

  2. Kayley Melissa's hair is Actually Brownish Red right because She have a Video that her hair is Brownish Red

  3. im thinking about bleaching my hair bc my hair always ends up darker than i like when i dye it, but im scared that it's going to ruin my hair. would you recommend it?

  4. That lipstick is gorgeous! ?

  5. Is this just for bottle blondes or for natural blondes as well?

  6. My hair right now is blonde at the top and brown at the ends I've had this hairstyle for a while and want it stripped and blonde at the ends!! Should I wait a couple week for the blonde because I don't want my hair to fall out!

  7. for us girls who use bleach on our hair, I am natural blonde but I have alot of highlights 🙂 Warm up olive oil and put one raw egg in it, and put in your hair it works wonders!!

  8. Please Google carcinogenic chemicals in skin & hair care products, look at the list, do you're research and investigating on Google and YouTube and look for natural alternatives to harsh stuff like all the ones on market today.

  9. Thank you so much doll, you helped me a lot

  10. I'm not a blonde but I'm still watching this video because I love Kayley's videos❤️

  11. Your hair and your lipstick ??

  12. Hi! I really like you hair, your hairstyles (even though I'm really bad in copy them) and you, you seem really nice and sincere! So I would like to ask you a video with your hair routine and the best favorites, cause I feel I can trust you! Wish you the best, Giada from Italy

  13. I love your videos. I will be getting the ORS Mayonnaise and the Joico products but unfortunately all the other products are not cruelty free… so I will have to do some research on comparable options. Your hair looks amazing!

  14. Slowly been acquiring these products cause you're my hair role model!! 🙂

  15. Hello! I have a question, and I couldn't find the answer on google so hoping you can help, please 🙂

    I use a heat protectant (VO5) and a leave-in conditioner (TRESemmé) before I blow dry my hair, which one should go on first?! I feel like both 'coat' the hair so might prevent the second from working.

    Would love some advice! Thank you 🙂 <3

  16. new subscriber, Tati sent me. You are very informative and lovely to listen to. Have a great day!

  17. GlamLifeGuru- Tai sent me:) new subscriber

  18. How did I even end here I don't have blond hair

  19. I heard that using baking soda with your shampoo is clarifying. Does that work??

  20. do a video on curling your hair?

  21. Have you tried the hair masks by Hello Hair? They're AMAZING at softening the hair (and reducing frizz), can never wash my hair without using them now.

  22. What about coconut oil? Could it be a deep conditioner substitute?

  23. Hey Kayley, I'm glad you're back. I rarely comment anything on the internet and I don't know if you'll see this, but I wanted to take the time to thank you. Without you my hair would have been a mess trough the years 🙂 You truly are one talented lovely lady and I'll keep watching your videos even if next time you'll show us how to remove hair from the sink… Hope that last statement helped with anxiety 😉 Wish you all the best, I'll stay tuned.

  24. can you make a video for red heads and brunettes?

  25. I'd love to see a Lagertha from the show Vikings hair tutorial. She has a zillion styles to choose from and you've got the perfect hair for it!

  26. Great video! Super informative 🙂
    You look beautiful as always! What blush are you wearing? Looks amazing on you!! Thanks!!

  27. I was wondering, if you have ever seen the show Supergirl, if you could do a Kara Danvers hairstyles. She has a lot of cool updos and of course her signature Supergirl curls. Your so talented that I thought it would be cool to see how you would do those hairstyles. Keep up the awesome videos!

  28. That came right in time! I went to the salon to go blonder again after two years of not touching my hairs color, so I needed advice on how to keep it that way.

  29. Thanks a lot – great tips!

    Could you, maybe, show more hairstyles for straight hair? My hair is quite long, very straight and does NOT hold a curl at all. And most of the hairstyles you do look so much better on curly hair… so I feel like they're not for me.
    Having said that, I love watching your videos!

  30. can you do recomendations for oily hair?

  31. I don't know if you can do this but I'd love to see a hair care video for redheads! Im a natural red and my hair is getting duller as I get older, any tips?????

  32. I love to see your videos and I'm always going to do it, I want to ask you, do you of the causes of hair loss stops length

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