1. Just found your channel (subbed).  Love your tutorials! You are naturally beautiful.  Thank you for detailing each step in your videos and also explaining the why as well as the how.

  2. Do you get your brows arched or anything

  3. Babyyyy this here video is what made me subscribe! YAS?

  4. WOW that's a lot of work. God gawd! But girl they look amazing. I have just started trying to do mine but it's nowhere as detailed as yours. I did see in one of the comments that you said you were exaggerating about the 20 minutes it takes on each eye. I was like thank God who has time for doing brows for almost an hour. Bravo ??????

  5. Yes! You finally figured out a way to film the brow tutorial ? love the vid as usual

  6. Yaasss brows on fleekk booo!!!

  7. brows look nice and love the editing girl

  8. Thanks for the info. I'm definitely going to put some of your tips to use.

  9. 20 Minutes for each? Girl you know that's ridiculous right? You life and time is far too important to waste so much time on something so trivial?

  10. love this! do you think you could post a video on how you film edit and prep for a video (like makeup hair lighting and all that) thanks !

  11. Simple, cute & natural! Yesss, blend out that concealer! NevaPlayYourself lol

  12. lol some pple still go out with the conceler not blended on there eyebrows

  13. You remind me of a young TheChicNatural, not sure why

  14. glad I saw this cause I needed help with my brows ?

  15. yassss!! been patiently waiting??

  16. "Some people go out like this & I rebuke it in the name of Jesus." You had me cracking up because that's how I feel too. ??

  17. Yeeeess I had been waiting for this! Your eyebrows look super nice. The concealer makes it so sharp.

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