MY COWASH / WASH N’ GO ROUTINE (short, color treated natural hair)


  • ►As I Am GroWash
  • ►Mielle Organics Pom & Honey Leave-In
  • ►Mielle Organics Pom & Honey Curl Smoothie
  • ►Mielle Organics Pom & Honey Curling Custard
  • ►Eco Styler Gel w Black Castor Oil & Flaxseed
  • ►Creme Of Nature Extra Hold Edge Control
  • ►Creme Of Nature Anti-Humidity & Shine Gloss
  • Curlipops Tourmaline Ionic Diffuser Dryer
  • Edge Brush


  1. Hey! I know a lot yal are wondering if i plan on growing my hair out and I'm not sure, i will grow it for now and see and decide to cut it again if i feel like it lol. BTW: Sally's is having BOGO 50% off both As I Am and Mielle products for the entire month of November 🙂

  2. SUBSCRIBEDDDDDD! I literally had to cut my hair because it was damaged & cut uneven. ? watching you do your wash N go on your short hair just gave me the confidence to do mine. ??? keep up the good work, beautiful ❤️

  3. How are your curls not shrinking ! ??

  4. Do I need to buy shampoo and conditioner if I have a cleansing cowash?

  5. new subscriber !!!! beautiful face and beautiful hair love it !!!!!

  6. Curls poppin ?? that diffuser looks amazing!

  7. Uh ?✋? I love your natural curls .. I wish mine could get like yours but my curls are to loose ? beautiful ❤️

  8. I finally tried it on my hair and the smell is too strong to me so I just can't buy it no more because it breaks me out as well so I just sticks to the original co wash which is bae.

  9. try using eco styler and a comb to do ur edgesit works so bomb and doesn’t flake

  10. Beautiful Woman, beauty fabulous look.
    Thank You for the tips.
    Love and Peace ?
    Be Blessed ?

  11. Your curl definition is amazing!!

  12. Yours has to be the best wash and go I've seen on YT!! Hands down! Absolutely gorgeous!

  13. Your wash and go came out so good

  14. I love that cut and color on you.

  15. What type of hair do you have ?

  16. Wow can’t wait to try these products ???

  17. You make me want to color my hair!!!

  18. Did you have flakes after using the Mielle Organics products?

  19. ???your so beautiful ! And do you think this line will work on thin hair without weighing it down ? I’m searching for a wash and go routine as well as what products to use and we had similar hair texture

  20. I am lovvvvingggg this style on you! Makes me appreciate my short hair more.

  21. do you have a workout routine ? lmao if so would you share ?

  22. Just recently cut my hair into a tapered cut, so I’m loving these new videos with your new cut .

  23. kaice ?? curls always coming thru ugh LOVE the cut and color on you ?

  24. I love watching you do your hair. I just don't have patience to all of that but I can tell that's just you. LOVE THE NEW DO

  25. Hey Kaice I absolutely luv your hair I have the same texture but I can never get my curls to pop like that also my edges are naturally thin? can get some advice on growing them out

  26. Just now trying the old co-wash. I like it. Now I want to try the gro-wash. BTW love the results!

  27. The link for the edge brush doesn’t work ?

  28. Girl! We literally have the same length hair, same hair style, (short in the back long in the front) color treated, and we use the same diffuser. Hair twin! <3 Lol

  29. Great tutorial. I really just wash & go maybe that's why I have frizz. Smh

  30. I keep hearing yy'all saying for thick hair and i don't have thick hair will this be okay for me to use?

  31. yes curl pattern!! can’t wait to perfect my wash & gos

  32. I just love your hair, girl! ?

  33. I'm gonna start doing this Cause sis your curls be popping??❤️??

  34. Why do you like using an edge brush and not a toothbrush?

  35. I need that diffuser and some mielle organics!!

  36. This really helped me find another way to keep my hair moisturized without having to wash it everyday (because I’m a competitive swimmer) all of your videos help me a lot and help me find new products for my thick, short, natural hair

  37. I enjoyed watching this??

  38. Them curls was popping like pop rocks ????

  39. Maaaan i want to big chop soooo bad like i see some of my curls but it’s damaged around the front but i still want my length….i just don’t know what to do

  40. Definitely want to checkout that diffuser. Your hair looks good

  41. I can't wait to try these products…once it gets warm up here lol

  42. I really loveeeee this cut on you. You just made me so excited to try that line from mielle organics !!

  43. That diffuser is bomb???? and your curls ??

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