HIII!!! Today I am back with a favorites video! I feel like its been forever since my last one so I wanted to update you on what I’ve been loving this summer!!





  1. the new revolon concealer is such a dupe for the nars radiant creamy

  2. Can you eventually do a fall outfits video. Like showing us pieces you will wear for fall?? Thanks xx

  3. I would love for a tanning video!

  4. I literally haven't touched my deluxe palette because it's so pretty ??

  5. Please do a hair routine? your hair is gorgeous!!! Love you

  6. OMG CARLY! You look stunning! You look healthier with a little weight on you! This is the Carly I absolutely love!

  7. Love that you use all vegan or cruelty free products!! I've been slowly getting rid of all my stuff that is tested on animals and toothpaste was a hard one, going to try this one you shared!! Thank you!!! Love your videos.

  8. SO thankful you shared that about NARS, I hadn't heard that and was about to buy their eye primer! Thank you!!!

  9. tutorial on this look! it is stunning!

  10. Honestly, carli is the only youtuber that i can trust. I used to watch tati but lately i cant really tell if she's being true to her subscribers

  11. What is the price point for your new perfume?

  12. Thank you for speaking about Nars ❤️?

  13. I love the deluxe pallet! I use it almost daily and overtime I wear the colours I get so many compliments on my makeup. I'll definitely have to stock up on a couple more. I didn't know it wasn't going to be around much longer 🙁

  14. I love this girl so much and the fact that she uses cruelty free!! YEES!

  15. I NEVER put on perfume. It doesn't give me a headache or anything like that, I just don't like putting them on. However, is it crazy that I'm now anxious to buy your perfume? Will your perfume be vegan?

  16. yes! please do another house tour video! you're beautiful, as always!

  17. I really am in shock of these comments regarding her weight?????? Did no one teach you guys manners growing up? Wowwwwww. Whether you think she gained or lost weight – who cares? That's so unbelievably rude

  18. Carli you look faaaab!!!! kindly have a look at my channel UNTANGLEISM.

  19. yeah!!!! I cannot wait ❤️?❤️

  20. An updated closet tour pleaaaseee ?? I love you Carli ?

  21. Carli what flat iron do you use? Ive been trying to find a good one for a longg time

  22. Hey Carli ?
    Can you please make a video about your nails ???

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