My Current Morning Routine

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*Normally when I first wake up I don’t eat a big breakfast! I will grab a quick banana and then have oatmeal or eggs around 1030-11!
*We don’t sleep with candles burning! I just lit them for the video xo

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Hi my lovies! Happy Monday! I woke up this morning and decided to film my current morning routine! Nothing crazy just a simple routine!! It’s been awhile since my last one, so I figured it was time! PLUS in my last video a lot of people were ‘annoyed’ that they couldn’t see my dark circles. WELLP here ya go!! Straight outta bed 😉 I hope you guys enjoy this routine! Please thumbs up this video if you enjoyed! Love you my muffins!! XOXO Carli

Products Used:
*Oral B Toothbrush: Here
*Tom’s Flouride Free Toothpaste: Here
*Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub: Here
*Clean & Clear Acne Spot Treatment: Here
*Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Eye Cream: Here
*Clinique Daily Moisturizer:
*GK Keratin Argan Oil: Here
(I showered last night and let me hair air dry in a braid overnight)

*Weightloss Tea: MateFit Metabolic Boost Tea Here
(Great to drink before breakfast, or lunch, speeds metabolism)
*Manuka Honey: (Heaven Sent) Here
*Keurig Cappuccino Maker: Here (Cold Froth is LIFE)

*My Nighttime Lotion: Nerium Face Lotion Here

Disclaimer: this video is not sponsored.


  1. Brett at the end was my favourite

  2. You're so beautiful without makeup! You look so much younger. I love your makeup looks too, but you're naturally beautiful!

  3. Can you do an updated skin care routine? I want to switch to cruelty-free skin care products but don't know what to use

  4. What product did you put on your hair? And what moisturizer did you use???:)

  5. 2:56 how is anyone's hair that perfect after they wake up?

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  7. You look like Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body ❤


  9. Your hair girl ???? I am so glad I didn't let the evil hairstylist chop it off!! She was literally trying to convince me to cut it off!! Glad I dodged that bullet lol!

  10. Your hair is so beautiful! I'd die to wake up and have my hair be that effortless haha!! ??

  11. Anyone else notice she used the same Ron Pope song in her 2013 morning routine video ? haha

  12. No shower? Your butt stinks ?

  13. You look BUSTED without makeup OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Scary thing ever sorry Carli. You almost look like another person. I've never seen such a difference in appearance

  14. Brett makes me lolzz everytime?

  15. you look really pretty with out make-up to

  16. Carli has elf ears….. This couple is so full of themselves!

  17. Who els was just like dammmnnn her eyebrows are goals

  18. Guyz can anybody say me is he is her boyfriend or a husband

  19. Love this! And it's such a cute video, but my God the song is really tough to get through.

  20. New favourite youtuber – I've just gone so far back on your channel to catch up. Haha here for the long haul

  21. She looks much better without makeup. She is just naturally beautiful 🙂

  22. without make up she looks so weird

  23. I take a shower morning and night.

  24. Where did you buy your coffee machine

  25. She looks so young without makeup

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