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Hey guys! It’s time for my current favorites. I’m talking about skincare, makeup, and hair products. Share your favs in the comments!!

What kind of beauty blogger / vlogger would I be if I didn’t do a video talking about my hits and misses every now and then? This is just a quick little round up of stuff I’ve been loving (especially this July). You’ve also seen some of my favorites in recent videos, which is why I didn’t include them this time around. I hope you enjoy!

★Products Mentioned:★

  • Dermalogica Stress Positive Eye Lift
  • Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Hydro Sleep Mask (FYI They have new packaging now. Different shade of blue. Same Product)
  • Millani Conceal and Perfect
  • IT COSMETICS Confidence In Your Glow – Nude Glow
  • Herbal Essences Bio:Renew Soft Control Creme Gel
  • PRAVANA The Perfect Brunette Brunette Toning Shampoo

★What I’m wearing:★

  • Romper:


  1. Can I ask you something?
    I think my eyeliner is making me have like Black around my eye even when I remove the make up. Can you help me?

  2. Hey just wanted to bring some awareness that the shampoo unfortunately turns hair blue/green and it does not come out. I bought the product after I heard you rave about it and I'm not sure if it was just me but the blond highlights I have a like a teal color now. I just wanted to let you know.

  3. you look so so so gorgeous!! & your personality is so cute! 🙂

  4. Thank you for introducing me to other you tubers , they both are great! Subscribed to both. Speaks volumes about your personality as you recommended them on your channel xoxo ??

  5. Could you and Tati do a collab? She could do your makeup and you could do her hair!

  6. I love the milani conceal + perfect foundation too! I hope they make "oily skin" version!

  7. My girl whit! Love her ❤️

  8. yassssss Whitney is everything

  9. Is there be a version of that Pravana shampoo that would pull brown hair TOWARD the orange/red zone? I'm always in search of a shampoo/conditioner that would bring out my red tones.

  10. You're so gorgeous! How do you get your teeth so white?

  11. I'm absolutely loving your videos lately!

  12. Pleaseeee do a video about your nailssss

  13. These are great Kayley!! Thank you! LOVE YOU CHANNEL!!!
    Can you please do some hairstyles from Anna and the King? That is a great movie with some really cool hairstyles!! THAnk you!!!!!!

  14. Can u do a video about ur daily routine

  15. Subscribed to the YT channels you suggested 🙂 Thanks for your video!

  16. More Favorite videos PLEASE ❤️

  17. Can you do Melissa Benoist hairstyles. On supergirl she always has her hair up cute. Thanks. Love you Kayley

  18. Oh my goodness THE DOG!!! Sweet baby!!!

  19. hi, could you do a video explaining hair styling products, like what product do you do when and why? i can only find videos explaining hair products for men

  20. Do a collab with Tati!

  21. Does toner help make natural blonde hair more ashy?

  22. Kayley remember your old videos and the green background ? Haha

  23. Fantastic! Lots of recommendations of products I wouldn't know about otherwise. Plus, other YouTubers is a bonus. Thank you.

  24. So excited to see another Kayley video in my feed! ?

  25. Margot and Me is so cute! Would recommend.

  26. Kayley, you inspire me so much. I have been watching your videos for about a year and a half now and you consistently amaze me. Thank you. ❤️?

  27. I love you makeup in the video! Can you do a tutorial?

  28. I LOVE Whitney Simmons! she really does deserve all of the subscribers!

  29. I'm so proud with how much you've grown Kayley! You're doing such a great job with your videos! I've been watching your videos for a few years now, and your videos have always been great, but it's been so cool to see how fun your content is getting. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  30. The Milani foundation and concealer seems like something I might buy…

  31. I'm loving all your new content lately, keep it up!!! ???

  32. can you make a back to school hairstyles video?

  33. You are so gorgeous ???

  34. LOVE this vid!! And AGREE on Whit!! She's great. XO

  35. all the things you've recommended in this video are awesome. will be picking up all of'em. thanx

  36. Has she ever talked about having kids?

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