My Ear Piercing Experience, Pain, & Care (Faux Rook & High Lobe)

Here we go! Today I’m talking about my ear piercing experience, pain and aftercare! I got 3 piercings in one day, my faux rook, high lobe, and second lobe.

This video is a little bit of a vlog x explanation video. I wanted to cover everything about getting pierced and my experience. I hope this helped you or was interesting. I’m already planning my next piercing. I’m thinking Conch or Tragus. Which do you think I should do?

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  1. I had the same expirence that her sister had. The gun was shot and made a whole but the jewellry was stuck so she had to pierce my ear again. Even then, she got the angle wrong and I had to take the earing out later that day. The other ear was fine but I had to go around school with one earing for 6 weeks. Not fun.

  2. That is so messed up of him!! A good piercer will tell you to breath in and out. Also telling you when you breath out is when the needle will go in!????

  3. What do you use to fill in your eyebrows? My hair is a little lighter than yours, and I'm looking for a brow filler.

  4. I've been pierced by J. Colby and he's super cool! Love his work. He did a high lobe for me too. Just got another piercing today by Cassie Lopez here and NY and she's amazing as well! LOVE the dainty gold jewelry so much better than the silver! Happy healing!

  5. Holy shit ur piercer is hot..

  6. Should I do them in the winter?

  7. you inspired me to get second lobe and high lobe!

  8. what's the problem with the audio?

  9. My name is kaylee too but it's spelled differently

  10. Is there an issue with the audio? Mine cut off when she starts talking about the pain.

  11. Paper towel is better than cotton buds! No lint comes off and you can roll it up to be like a cotton bud.

  12. if you want it to heal faster dont wipe away the little crusties. its like a scab and if you pick it it continues to bleed/heal slowers

  13. My audio stopped at the pain 1 to 10

  14. I used saline wipes twice a day for helix piercings, I did same, keep messing with my piercing aggravated them ,also was told chamomile tea bag on piercings it really soothed them.

  15. Super weird. My audio gave out when she started describing the pain on her Faux rook.

  16. This is probably one of the most helpful videos I've watched about piercings bc of how you explain things, and the fact that what you have is similar to what I'm going to have doneThank you for the help and tips!

  17. Does anyone know where to buy dainty earrings like that?

  18. I never even thought to use an airplane pillow to still be able to sleep on your side post-piercing without irritating it! Wow. Gonna have to use that trick next time I get pierced!

  19. I am getting my rook done on Friday and I'm scared as hell. And I have my daith, 5 lobe Piercings, nose, tongue and forward helix and I'm still scared to get Piercings for some reason

  20. I'm just happy over the fact that i got my piercings when i was a baby.

  21. Can anyone tell me how much two tattoos one on my ankle and one on my wrist would hurt? Also, septum piercing pain level anyone?

  22. I want new ear piercings so bad but my mom is extremely against them. Any suggestions or help? I have 3 piercings in my lobes but I made up a lie that my second lobes closed up just so I could get my third ones done and I don't know why I did that since I most certainly can't wear all 6 or it will be really obvious that it's NOT closed. But yeah I want a rook piercing, a helix, a daith I think.. a conch. I don't know. I just want more and mom doesn't let me.

  23. the Gold Bar earrings link doesn't work 🙁

  24. I've been wanting this video!! Your piercings are perfect!

  25. Can you talk more about where you get your earrings or other accessories? Hair, earrings, rings etc. Love your style

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