My Everyday Makeup and Outfit of the day!

Im Back!! I missed you so much!!! xoxo

All beauty products & clothing listed below:



  • Yellow top Forever 21
  • pink cardigan- banana republic
  • White distressed jeans- Charlotte russe
  • Wedges- aldo
  • slave bracelet from lulu’s
  • pink bow ring charlotte russe

Personal Message to you
“I hope you find the beauty in something or someone new today”-pass this message along. You can find the beauty or good in your job a person outside or inside find something today! and if no one has told you today I love you and you are amazing!!


  1. I love your shoes. What kind are they?

  2. How can any1 look natural with make up???

  3. Your everyday makeup is the same as mine (:

  4. Can u tell us about ur clothing where u get it

  5. I really liked this video 🙂 and.. i know we all hate this guys but i just started my own channel and if anyone has the time please check out my videos 🙂 

  6. Please do a room tour video.

  7. Are you puerto rican ? i have dark circles and i'm only in high school. My mom says it's a puerto rican thing 😛

  8. what is the name of that song on the begin?? x

  9. I love this look..very beautiful

  10. Gosh you are an amazing makeup artist!

  11. Do you have dry skin or oily skin ?

  12. whoever won the Christmas giveaway that you were doing?

  13. You are sooooooo beautiful!! I like it 🙂

  14. can u recommend the must have brushes? :))

  15. Can you do a neutral Naked 2 palate look?

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