My Everyday Makeup Look

I never really do makeup videos, but I keep getting asked about it! I spend a lot of my days not bothering to put on makeup unless I have to go out somewhere nice, but if I need a simple look this is my go-to.


45 thoughts on “My Everyday Makeup Look

  1. You are beautiful, you don't need make up, really! just a tiny bit maybe, uniform colour, mascara, but that's it!!!! I think natural beauty is cooler than make up 😉

  2. I love this routine!

    Wondering why you gave up the gray ombre? Was it too much maintenance, like did it fade? Do you think your current hair is better? I was wondering if you could make a video of why you dye your hair black now. I love your hair currently. >w<

  3. Totally gorgeous!! 🙂 And it looks even doable (for a non-makeup kinda girl like me, I never know what I'm doing)… Thanks 🙂 Love the little hair thing at the end, cute! hehehe…

  4. Hey Rachel, I have a question im not sure if you well respond but I have a high fat percentage I think its 27%. I am extremely bothered. I do alot of strength training and a variety of other exercises. So, my muscles are in good shape but I have so much fat that's covering on top its. How do I get rid of all this fat, and I have it everywhere really huge thighs, fat on my knees, I have bat wings, a weird fat stomach, love handles. Should I increase cardio/HIIT excercises, and reduce strength training? I workout 5 days a week. I dont know what to do….

  5. hi, can you make more meal prep videos please, am new to your channel, and been going through your videos, i really enjoy your meal prep, its really helpful for me

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