My Everyday Makeup Look


  1. Your makeup is always on point, but I adore your natural beauty, too! ?

  2. You are beautiful, you don't need make up, really! just a tiny bit maybe, uniform colour, mascara, but that's it!!!! I think natural beauty is cooler than make up 😉

  3. your face has gotten so much better .

  4. I have binge watched almost all your videos …love the content and the way you edit them ..

  5. what maybelline lipstick is she wearing

  6. I love this routine!

    Wondering why you gave up the gray ombre? Was it too much maintenance, like did it fade? Do you think your current hair is better? I was wondering if you could make a video of why you dye your hair black now. I love your hair currently. >w<

  7. What top are you wearing in this? x

  8. Forever wishing I had blue eyes 🙁

  9. U look like a fairy princess

  10. What lip color is that?

  11. your makeup is really gorgeous but I actually prefer you barefaced 🙂 you're so pretty!!

  12. Totally gorgeous!! 🙂 And it looks even doable (for a non-makeup kinda girl like me, I never know what I'm doing)… Thanks 🙂 Love the little hair thing at the end, cute! hehehe…

  13. honestly… ur bare face is better … looks so young and pretty too… ???

  14. What lipstick do you use? You seemed to answer everything but that, and that's kind of why I'm here. lol

  15. I looooove your editing and design skills! Did you go to school for it or are you self taught? 🙂

  16. i honestly think you look better without the makeup and im not just saying this

  17. I love how fresh-faced you look

  18. So obsessed with you !!! <3

  19. I'm a recent subscriber! I really like your videos and your style…and you are a gorgeous creature.

  20. How do you get urban decay in Australia?!

  21. Hey Rachel, I have a question im not sure if you well respond but I have a high fat percentage I think its 27%. I am extremely bothered. I do alot of strength training and a variety of other exercises. So, my muscles are in good shape but I have so much fat that's covering on top its. How do I get rid of all this fat, and I have it everywhere really huge thighs, fat on my knees, I have bat wings, a weird fat stomach, love handles. Should I increase cardio/HIIT excercises, and reduce strength training? I workout 5 days a week. I dont know what to do….

  22. You're such an adorable person <3

  23. The background is beyond beautiful ?

  24. hi, can you make more meal prep videos please, am new to your channel, and been going through your videos, i really enjoy your meal prep, its really helpful for me

  25. Just found your channel today, love your food prep recipes xx

  26. She reminds me of Elizabeth Gillies with this hair

  27. Oh my god you are so stunning! I loved this video so much!

  28. Thats you are ugly))) and fat

  29. You're literally like a combination of perrie edwards and amy lee

  30. Where is your top from?

  31. Can you do an updated video on how you got rid of your acne and acne scarring

  32. your skin is improving so much!

  33. wow u remind me of natalie dormer

  34. Well, THATS an every-day makeup..

  35. you remind me a bit of Liv Tyler.. so beautiful

  36. You look like the Adams Family upsssss Who is pushing you or managing you from the back you are so ugly and big nothing

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