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Hello lovelies! I have for you another makeup tutorial! This time I decided to film my updated everyday makeup routine! hope you guys like it – Roxi

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bensound – cute


  1. how is your skin so naturally clear?!?!?!

  2. omgggosh how beauty u r and and u have an easy ways to follow i always watch ur videos cuz they help me alot ♥♥

  3. hhheyyy first I am very astonished by this tutorial and I support you??? second can you please tell us if you have a face routine like in the morning or night or. what do you use for basic breakouts your skin is flawless ??? or before bed routine or anything you use or remedies you make for you skin I bet many girls are wondering if so can you please share it with us would be delighted ????

  4. I thought you were wearing makeup at the beginning omg?

  5. Ur much more beautiful without makeup

  6. anyone else think she was wearing make up before she even started??? Her skin is flawless

  7. You're so flawless!!
    I didn't even realise that you haven't put your foundation on yet wth

  8. I took This test named who is Your youtube girlfriend And IT was You

  9. EXCELLENT!! I need a whole new makeover & your skin tone looks close to mine, so these brands/colors should work for me. Thanks!!!!

  10. Hi are you naturally blonde xx ( because you said you had roots and it should be obvious to me but I'm a little dumb and I don't know a lot about hair xxxx. ) ???????? amazing vid

  11. You're eyeliner is just wonderful! I just can't make a good eyeliner ?

  12. In the thumbnail you look so much like karlie kloss

  13. Your so perfect! ?✨ also I feel like a complete idiot ? as when you said about your spot I remember I had one so I went to look in your mirror ?? then realised that I can't look through a screen ??

  14. Probably my fav video but I like all your videos

  15. what was the mascara she used for her upper lashes?

  16. I am new here, a friend told me about some give aways, interested in Body Shop Products

  17. your skin is so perfectly perfect!^^

  18. Where is your hat from?? Great video btw I love your channel xx

  19. I just took interest on tutorials recently and I really am happy that I found your channel. I have learned some techniques and it helped me even though I'm not a pro in makeup.

  20. Świetna jesteś, tylko nieco za szybko podajesz informacje. 🙂

  21. Oh my god your skin is flawlesssssssssssssssss ??????

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