My Fitness Routine/ Workout Tips!!

Thank you for watching! I am not a professional but this is what I typically like to do
I am a pretty active person, and usually am at the gym 6 times a week
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  1. Hey!! So I'm a new subscriber !! BTW HAVE TO SAY IM IN LOVEEE WITH YOUR CHANNEL!! anyway can you do one like tips on losing weight or how to get a flatter stomach? Because I've running for a month already don't really see a difference but maybe if you have any tips I can have and I'm sure it might help others to! THANKS LOVE YOUUUUU SOOO MUCHHH❤️❤️?

  2. Do you ever feel weird like people are judging you when you run alone??

  3. do you have like a workout music playlist? if so what kind of songs do you recommend or prefer? 

  4. you have a really nice house!

  5. Can you please do one specifically over legs/thighs?? Alot of us weren't blessed w/ nice tight thin thighs -__-

  6. YOU'VE GOT ARMSSS FOR DAYSS, btw love the vid 

  7. Nice boobs…and I am a girl!!!!! you're very beautiful! 

  8. Ahh u followed me in Instagram! I think I'm gonna die 😀

  9. Oh how i missed watching your videos im catching up lol

  10. awww that is amazing!! 🙂 keep on going you can do it !! 🙂 and sure yes my next fitness video will probably be exercises on my legs or arms and I will def try to also do a couple of cooking ones! 🙂 xoxo

  11. awww thats amazing thank you! 🙂

  12. I really enjoyed this video 🙂 thanks for the tips xx

  13. You get me so motivated!! Love watching your videos. Keep it up girl!!

  14. LOL omg your so entertaining to watch. U have to do more in love with these vids xoxoxo

  15. Cus I do arms already just not getting results I want. After I had my baby man it so harrd… :/ I need a set routine n how often to do it especially to tighten my triceps

  16. Okay I will def do a video on arm workouts that you can do !!:D

  17. Amazing video! You are really fit 🙂
    Where do you get the yogurt parfait ?

  18. Heathy food meals, recipes !! Please

  19. i almost gave up on working out i lost 30 pounds and i was idk bored i guess but you inspired me to keep going and reach my goal! i have troubles on knowing what to eat can you do a couple cooking videos i guess and also leg workout because im trying to consentrate on abs and legs for now thxs so much for being an ispiration and i wish we were friends so you could motivate me everyday lol

  20. Do u play any sports ??? Ur soo fit .. Im jelly lol

  21. Arms plssss!!!!! Great ab workouts!

  22. Yeahhhh I am so happy your camera is better

  23. Thank you so much means a lot! <3

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