My Go-To Natural Everyday Makeup Routine! (2018)


    • Giorgio Armani Fluid Line Primer + Murad SPF 30 Sunscreen – Here
    • Benefit Brow Pencil | #5 – Here
    • MAC Brow Pencil | Taupe – Here
    • MAC Concealer | NC45 – Here
    • Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation | Sandalwood – Here
    • Dior Luminizing Drops | One Shade
    • NARS Creamy Concealer | Caramel – Here
    • FENTY Contour Stick | Truffle
    • Laura Mercier Powder | Transluscent – Here
    • Bobbi Brown Bronzer | Deep 4 – Here
    • Sephora MicroSmooth Powder | Mahogany – Here
    • NARS Blush Palette – Here
    • Amrezzy Highlighter – Here
    • Maybelline Eyeliner Pencil | Black – Here
    • Fenty Gloss Bomb – Here
    • Cover FX Setting Spray | Illuminating – Here


  1. Do you have a link for the liquid drops??!! Ive been looking evrywhere and cant find. I was told it was discontinued. Is that true??

  2. Been binge watching your vlogs and videos from your main channel so I had no choice but to subscribe. ?

  3. Besides the fact that i vibe with your personality, I watch your videos also because you’re just extremely pretty. Your skin looks amazing btw. Hope one day I can get on that level of nice skin

  4. i've seriously watched you prosper and im lovvvving it. been a fan since your first hair video <3

  5. This is how I am when it comes to makeup. I just need my brows to look sharp, my skin to look flawless, and my lashes to pop. ?

  6. I feel like I seen you this Saturday on south beach near cameo night club if that was you baby you LIT AF in real life lol ??? love your syle

  7. I love your makeup videos.! Easy to follow. A natural, every day look! ❤️

  8. Definitely Want To Remake This Video

  9. Honestly This Is The Best Natural Everyday Makeup Tutorial I Have Yet To Seen On Youtube EVER

  10. Very pretty! Nicely Done and simple to understand.

  11. No fair, your face is Flawless already ??

  12. Honestly all you had yo do is your eyebrows & put a lil lip gloss. . . Like you already flawless!

  13. This is one of the best natural makeup looks I have ever seen, new subbie ?

  14. When women with perfect skin wears makeup. Literally beautiful without makeup. No change! ???????❤❤❤❤❤❤

  15. I’m looooooovvviinngg this black hair on you, Kaice ?

  16. You don’t even need all that makeup, your skin is nice and you got zero dark circles.

  17. Beautiful!!… Aren't you a bit too young for retinol?

  18. Beautiful! I’m loving the short hair on you!

  19. Your skin is ??????? that thumbnail ?? I had to go back and forth between the two to see where the makeup came in at lol. Your skin is BEAUTIFUL!! New Subbie?

  20. Love how it enhances but don’t change your natural beauty

  21. Any thumbs down are from haters caauusseee this is gorgeous!!!!

  22. Can you do a video how you get your hair like that ? I have type 4 hair with a similar cut but it’s growing out & im struggling right now ?? & I’m stealing this makeup look ?

  23. Wow…love this everyday makeup look. Please do a drug store version of this look. You are glowing ❤

  24. I’m a full coverage queen lol but I have my natural but better days and I’m definitely gonna try this! You look gorgeous !

  25. I’m a full coverage queen lol but I have my natural but better days and I’m definitely gonna try this! You look gorgeous !

  26. Your skin be glowing without makeup…with makeup…you just bomb AF ???

  27. U look so cute natural. Skin looks so healthy and smooth. Wish my skin looked like that. U didn't even need the makeup.

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