1. HELLO LOVES! hope you enjoyed this come to the gym with me type video if you want more let me know! I will be uploading workouts on my INSTAGRAM STORY so make sure you are following for more motivation 😉 @nicolettaxoyt
    PS. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY LOVESS!!! <3 Hope your day is full of love! xo

  2. Just FYI I have been subbed to u for exactly 1 year and a month – Jan 15th 2017

  3. Ly but Macha tea is not pronounced as a strong a more of like an oa

  4. #noficationsquad I’m usually early I love your channel…..i was at gym this morning then I came back made a really healthy breakfast after I watch this vid….. I definitely love eggs and salsa i

  5. Please to a video on arm exercises to gain muscle mass for biceps and triceps

  6. U really changed my life literally I became more healthy and organized .. saying thank you isn't gonna full fill what I truly feel ??

  7. Really fabulous figure.. ????

  8. Omg this would probably be SO relatable if i worked out, but again i am not old enough too. please follow me amara.l763 on insta sorry for self promo #earlysquad #illyyysssmmm

  9. Yes!! Make it a series!! I’d totally watch it. Especially leg days lol.

  10. I got better from being sick because of your vids

  11. Hello, Beautiful! Keep slayin' !! ?

  12. Thank you so much for this, I started to workout and needed a good video of a workout routine, def loved this! ❤

  13. Loved this video and if you can please do an arm workout. Btw you look amazing!!!

  14. Post notifications on, ding ding ding

  15. Legg and arm would be great.

  16. I would love to see more of the workout ball thank you

  17. Can you give us tips on how to gain weight and get thicker

  18. I don't gat how people give her a thumbs down

  19. Please do a leg&bum workout day xx

  20. Oh! thanks for this nice vidéo ?? i love you very much ? and i love your vidéos ? and name of music gym pls ?

  21. Oh my God, if I do these workouts, will I finally get a boyfriend?? Imagine the possibilities?

  22. Yes! DO i video with THE workout ball because i have One and don't know what to DO with it !

  23. Please post more fitness and celeb hacks

  24. Do you have any tips for starting a weight loss journey. Fyi you're so beautiful and ily


  26. Please do more workout Videos ! Ly

  27. Yes !!! I love the healthy videos !!!

  28. About to do this today at the gym thanks !

  29. How long did it take u to get abs?

  30. do a workout ball exercise routine i want to start using a workout ball but i don’t know any workouts lol

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