My Hair Cut and Color | Sunday Fun Day!

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  1. Oh my gosh thank you soooooo much for this video! This clarifies so much for me and now I have a little more knowledge on what to ask for if I will get layers! Thank yoouu! You're amazing and I love all your other tutorials too <3

  2. Man this video breaks my heart, because my hair is naturally the color you have now and I ruined it! 🙁 Can't get it back no matter how much I try… looks so beautiful on you though 🙂

  3. First of all, I love your youtube channel, you make awesome tutorials. I've got a question about your highlights, I don't know how to explain them to my hairstylist 🙂 Did your stylist start foiling your strands from the shoulder down?

  4. could you make a video on what shampoos/conditioners/… are best to use on color treated hair? I feel like the products that are meant for colored hair often don't moisturize enough, but then again, are products not for colored hair equally protective for your color? 🙂 (I have a subtle ombre btw) Thanks!!! x

  5. I have just discovered your chanel, and… you are sooo perfect!!! . i ve just seen an angel
    +1 french suscribe 🙂

  6. This is what I've been looking for! The reference pictures are perfect! I'll be sure to take those to my stylist next time!

  7. Hey Kayley! I hope you'll be able to answer me soon. Since you said in the video that face framing layers is all that you have, I was wondering if you also have the long layers from pictures Long layers & Long layers 2 that you linked in the description. I'm getting a hair cut soon! 🙂

  8. I totally love your hair color and you hair cut!!!! You are amazing artist!

  9. Can you please do a 50 facts about me video or some tags (like the TMI tag)

  10. Have you done a "draw my life"? You should do it, I think it'll be interesting and others would be interested to see it as well. I would also like to hear about what made you start making YouTube videos for hair, makeup, and all those stuff, were you influenced or inspired by anything.
    Btw, I absolutely love your long hair. Wish my hair looked like that when it was long. Your gorgeous and I do look forward to your videos for tips and advices on how to make the hair look better. Much Love and appreciation. -Tsai

  11. I'm a cosmetologist what color line do you use? I haver ombré hair color and my color does the same red pulling thing yours does! Did you just use a high lift to bump your base?

  12. Do you think you would ever go back to your natural colour? When I first started watching your videos you had your natural colour. I thought it looked so pretty and healthy it inspired me to ditch the dye after 17 years of colouring. I haven't looked back!

  13. I have red hair an I have a hard time picking out colors that look nice on me. Can you do a video on looks for red hair? Please:)

  14. Sunday Fun Day video requests :
    -Show all your hair accessories, tools and products 🙂
    -Diy tools for heatless curls 🙂
    -Makeup collection 🙂

    Those are videos i would like to see <3

  15. What is that carousel type makeup holder on your vanity?! I must know!

  16. Yes! Finally someone with the exact same natural color as me! And I totally love the blonde and it's the exact style I wanted but I didn't know how to explain to my stylist! Now I do thanks!!

  17. Can you do hairstyles for people with naturally super curly hair

  18. This was a super interesting video! I have thin, long, and very straight hair, and my hair color is probably the same as your base color. I'd call is mousy brown (especially my hair is very mousy, not necessarily yours) and I didn't really like it, especially in January-February because then it just looks very boring in combination with my hair texture. So a couple months ago I decided to get highlights and I absolutely love them (apparently I look way better with a lighter color) but the problem is that my hair grows too fast. My roots were already very visible after a month. Plus, the strands framing my face are really frizzy and broken even though I use conditioner every time I wash my hair, I moisturize it, use heat protector etc. So anyway, I'd love to have your color here, because it combines a lighter color with your original color AND you don't see your roots. So what do you suggest I do with my highlights now? I can't really grow them out, that would be a tad too ugly… (Sorry it took me a while to get to the point of this message!)

  19. Could you please do a tutorial about the make up you are wearing in this video? Thanks

  20. I'd love to see a nail polish collection! I always see you wearing such  nice colors T-T

  21. please do a nail tutorial i always wanted to see that i am not sure if you have done one before so i hope that you do it

  22. I'd like you to do more make up videos !

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