So many of you have been asking me all types of questions about my lip injections/lip fillers. So why not answer them, while seeing your beautiful faces on Snapchat? DON’T FORGET TO ADD ME ON SNAPCHAT! Screen name: NikkieTutorials – Hope you enjoy & thanks for watching!

Thanks so much for watching, I love you! ♡


  1. I'm thankful that I have a more full lips and that I won't need lip injections to get full lips.

  2. had mine done for the first time !! omg they are so worth the pain xx

  3. and here i was thinking that the whole point of makeup was so you wouldn't have to surgically alter your face. or vise-versa.

  4. I've been watching your videos for quite a while, maybe 6 years. Your work is so precise and you can pull off any look. You got that confidence, girl! And your lips look fab, and quite natural, compared to some others I've seen. Work it! ?
    PS: I'm half Dutch. My grandpa, who was 13 at the time & his immediate family came to America after WWII. I've never been though. He just went back in October of 2016 to visit family and friends that still live there.
    PPS: Congrats on all your success! Have a great day! ☺✌

  5. same my lips curl in and they look weard

  6. Hi Nikki I love your videos???? I watch them all the time . I know this video is older but I was really curious about if you had any lumps after ? did they recommend you massage the lips after and did it feel normal when u rub your lips together ?

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!!! I've always wanted my lips done but my family and my boyfriend are so disapprovaled with it

  8. What is the lipstick you are using in this video? Thanks

  9. I had lip fillers in august 2016 for the first time. There's still more than 50 percent. I hate it and it doesn't dissolve. And yes, it is hyaluronic acid itself. Please think twice before.

  10. for some reason I never heard your accent until this video

  11. I had NO idea you had lip fillers! They look gorgeous and so natural!!

  12. i like that she didn't lie about them either. in my opinion i think plastic surgery is perfectly acceptable but its not right when people lie. honestly whatever makes people feel confident

  13. I fucking hate the beauty industry

  14. hey waar heb je je lip injectie`s (?) gedaan.

  15. Wow I would never have guessed you had lip injections. They look so real!! ❤❤❤

  16. Is it just me who pinched there lips when she described the pain…

  17. I looooovveeee ur eye makeup???????can u make a video on this eye makeup look? plllzz

  18. Ey who needs lip injections when you have Drinking glass

  19. 1st, you are amazing!!! 2nd, love your lips!!!!

  20. Hi Nikky my question is did u ever feel insecure about ur lips after the first lip injections. Love u so much xxxx

  21. Who else thinks she's beautiful with her lip fillers as well as her old lips??? I do

  22. my lips are so big it already looks like i have lip injections (i dont)!

  23. Wait, do you cool them before as well to help with numbing the feeling of the needle? I'm having this done so I'm definitely curious!

  24. You have lip injections wtf? They look so natural I couldn't even tell

  25. My lips look just like her old ones?

  26. Nikki, I LOVE your lips and I don't judge. I totally understand why you did it. If you feel confident and love your lips then do whatever you want. You go girl! ❤️???

  27. do a tutorial for this makeup! prom is coming up

  28. I thought she was American….

  29. Hi Nikkie! I was wondering if it's possible to manipulate the shape of your lips after an injection? For example if you bite your lips could this shift any of the filler? Thanks!

  30. so im curious. i have naturally big lips like yours. how ever all jokes aside as a child i was trying to hearn to adult convos n they opened the door n slammed it my lips was in the door n i had got stitches arouns my mouth on one side. So on one side my lips is shaped different n scared . Do u think the could fill the droop in my other side of lip. im being serious n i want to know


    She talks SLOWER here and with LESS of an American accent?!

  32. I noticed a lotta bruising under your eyes in your other videos so what did you get done? They look lifted compared to before

  33. I never knew nikki had a accent but I can here it in this video omg❤

  34. I do NOT fucking understand why people can't be honest and outright say: I GET COSMETIC WORK BECAUSE I AM SELF CONSCIOUS AND INSECURE
    It is clear as day. Fucking say it.

  35. she sounds so much more dutch in this than her recent videos!!

  36. Nederlands?? Wtf… wist dat echt niet :/

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