My Morning Routine 2018

Wake up with me! This is my 2018 morning routine, come and get ready, eat breakfast and workout with me and Jaden. Let me know if you want more lifestyle videos, if you do then comment what you would like to see below!

Love you!




I want to also say that I’m happy to have you apart of my family, you guys make me so happy! You encourage me everyday to do me and keep doing what I love. If no one has told you today, I want you to know that you’re beautiful and there is no one like you! You are so special to me and I love you with all my highlight and contour!


  1. I cant wait to see all your fav emojis in these comments!!

  2. Do a house tour! Pleaseee❤❤

  3. I just love to hear your voice…luv ur routine videos

  4. you so cute really … one of my fav youtuber … lots of respect nd love…????❤️????

  5. i love watching you❤️❤️❤️

  6. Can u uplond night routine 2018 pls

  7. House tour pleaseeeeeeee! ??

  8. Love this kind of videos…please makes some more of it

  9. I was hella wondering where Caesar was until you addressed it ? love you Christen ?

  10. We want to see more vlogs and this kind of videos…

  11. I loved it❤?? …… U guys do makeup even if you r at home ?? but anyways that's nice ❤?…..

  12. Amazing house ?❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. Just a little tip when you do sit ups and stuff. Don’t put your hands behind your head you can hurt your neck over time

  14. Can u do a house tour…please..!!!

  15. Lots of love from Pakistan ??????❤?

  16. Love your morning routines,,,, lots of love???

  17. That closet tho ?? space for me to move in?? Love your vids x

  18. Can you do more VLOGS PLZZZ? I love just watching what u and ur family do so cute!???

  19. More videos like this please!!! I love all of them!! Love you. Kisses from Spain.

  20. Is that what you called 'Little Closet"

  21. Is that her brother or son?

  22. Yay it’s up gonna watch this after school xx

  23. Love you Christen ❤❤

  24. I love it! Hope to see more lifestyle videos forSURE ❤️

  25. Always love your routines. Inspiring and motivational ???

  26. Love you so much my queen ??❤️❤️??

  27. Please do drugstore skin care routine for the morning and evening

  28. Wish I could look like that on my regular days ????????

  29. Christen, you are just GOALS!!!

  30. Love morning routine vids!!! Btw your house is gorgeous! Love you shower ?

  31. I’m new to your videos and I love them ❤️

  32. youre such a boss lol. a mommy boss! goals tbh

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