1. Going to try this for a Halloween costume at a festival! Did the nail polish smudge off your skin easily?

  2. Finally, a nail design I can actually do hahahaha

  3. why woukd anyone do this?

  4. this is what I call a lazy nail art. when you are too lazy to clean little bits of nail Polish that go off your nails ???

  5. I really saw a guy that got frostbite on his nails I saw it on tv

  6. Or, you could just dip your fingers in black polish.

  7. this would actually be great for Halloween for all u questioning dipshit idiots

  8. * "Lies" by Marina And The Diamonds plays in the background *

  9. Thats not even what frostbite looks like. Frostbite is red

  10. When she said matte top coat it remedied me of when u was like 4 I used to paint my nails with clear nail polish or topcoats and my mom had a matte one but I couldn't read what is said so I tried to put it on and I kept putting layers and layers of it and I would get mad because it wasn't shiny ??????

  11. This is what it would look like if someone touched my soul…

  12. When i dip my fingers in my soul

  13. You shouldn't put the nail polish on ur finger

  14. it looks like a kid who didn't no how to
    paint nails did it?

  15. inspired look by Tyler Joseph blurry hands


  17. This was. A waste! People could just accidentally so that! There is no need for a tutorial!!

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