1. can you do this same video, but for your skincare products PLEASEEE <3

  2. ✨product junkie goals✨ ?

  3. U should do a brand overview on some of those collections so you don't feel too overwhelmed. I wouldn't mind seeing a 10 min talk thru video for that Maui Moisture Bamboo line.

  4. i want to see the deva curl collection

  5. You should do an all Devacurl product video!!

  6. New sub here, I have questions this is my first video seeing you in. Love it. Can you do a review on your hair infinity products? Are you low porosity or high?

  7. You should try the Eden Bodyworks Curl Defining Creme ! It's sooo good, my braid out came out super defined – more defined than it has EVER been ! It works wonders on my 4C hair because I've struggled to find a good curl definer. It literally changed my hair's life lol & it will definitely become one of my go-tos now !

  8. I didn't like the Mielle deep conditioner either. I've tried it once as well probably need to try again.

  9. ???? and I thought I was the product junkie

  10. Try Camille Rose products. Would love to know your opinion on that one.

  11. I have mine organized by type (dc, shampoo, leave-ins, etc) in those shelves with canvas drawers from Target cause I don’t want anyone to know my “habit” lol! ?

  12. Yes, one brand tutorials, please!

  13. My dream natural hair product stash ? I don't even have half the amount of stuff you have

  14. You look GORGEOUS. Ok back to the video!

  15. Wow????? you’re actual goals!

  16. Love ur hair and colour. But how do u keep the red vibrant ?

  17. You should make a video for the diva curl line and use all the products.

  18. Wow, thanks for sharing with us.??

  19. Does trying all of these different products ever cause your hair to break or become damaged because of the different formulas?

  20. Love this Argan Life sulfate free shampoo!!! I'm so glad I found a great natural product that is sulfate free. It smells so good and feels wonderful on your hair. My hair has never been shinier. My dead ends have been resurrected by this angelic shampoo. I'm glad I can continue to grow out my hair and bask in the glory of my healthy shiny beautiful hair. I feel like I should be in a hair commercial haha.

  21. Loved this video. You should upload a video about types of pre-poo's. I really wanna know more about them and what ingredients are best for my hair situation.

  22. Hey Kaice if you see the SashaPure brand in your local CVS, You should try their hair masque! I'm gonna do a video on it soon it is SO moisturizing AND curl defining for Natural Hair. It's so good I used it twice, and bought a second jar lol.

  23. That highlight is POPPIN!!!! ✨✨✨✨

  24. Hey Kaice , I enjoy your hair products review and how knowledgeable you are about them.  Are these product only good for those with high porosity hair?

  25. This is a dream for me? i need them all❤❤❤

  26. I had to go through my stash and throw some stuff away’s like stuff will work for my hair one and then next year my hair hates it . I literally had to go back to the basics lol.

  27. Wow. Lots of great products. How do you use the wake ne up curl refresher.

  28. Where are the"Cheap Natural Hair" products you recently reviewed? (i.e. Ogx, etc.)

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