YAY FALL FASHION 🙂 Thanks for watching! ALSO **I have been seeing the popular comments being that the editing was too fast. It’s noted so no need to comment about it more. As a youtuber it is important to try new things, personally i love how quick and to the point this was but sometimes my ideas aren’t what everyone likes. It’s not the end of the world, I just will try something else next time 🙂


  1. Jacket: Express
    Scarf- Lulus
    Top- Windsor
    Jeans- Windsor
    Shoes- Lulus/Steve Madden
  2. Jacket- Aritzia
    Top- Lulus
    Belt- Asos
    Pants- Asos
    Shoes- Steve Madden
    Hat- Shopbop
  3. Sweater- Elliatt
    Jacket- Lulus
    Jeans- Lulus
    Shoes- Converse
    Glasses- Forever 21
  4. Sweater- ASOS
    Jacket- TopShop
    Belt- Urban Outfitters
    Jeans- Lulus
    Boots- Steve Madden
  5. Jacket- Macys
    Shirt- Revolve
    Choker- Agaci Store
    Pants- Zara
    Shoes- Converse


  1. can someone link a place to get the "teddy bear" jacket!!! she didn't say!

  2. whats the link for the steve madden black booties?

  3. You and your city are so pretty ?

  4. can someone link the booties she wore

  5. Hello nice people, can someone please tell me what style is this hat called?

  6. This is why I love you, you know how to keep an intro short and simple

  7. I want to buy 2-3 of the things from this video but you didn't add links! What's the name of the coat from lulus?

  8. Hi tess, could you tell me the dates were you wearing these ? Like october 20 or november 2

  9. im so late to this video but you're so dope

  10. Can we talk about her hair in this video!!! OMG so flawless!!!

  11. What is the name of the Steve Madden booties? I love them!

  12. Gaaahhh I love your videos! I'm thinking of moving to NYC at the beginning of next year so your videos on the city have been especially helpful!

  13. What's the name of the Steve Madden boots?? Does anyone know?

  14. can somebody tell me where the glasses are from she´s wearing in the first outfit?

  15. Can you with the jeans in the third outfit do a direct link

  16. hi Tess . i'm new to your channel, and i love so much your fashion cloth . you are my fashion icon <3 love you and do more fashion videos. good luck.

  17. perfect girl. on point outfits. inspiring really.

  18. you have incredible style!! love every style video

  19. Do u have the link of suede jacket? pls

  20. i cannot find that jacket anywhere on macy's website lol. could you send the link?

  21. I'm having a wedding in March next year, and in my country the weather would be between summer and fall, maybe hot or just a little bit chilly. So I'd love it if you could prepare a set of outfits for weddings with some options of dresses combined with make up and hairstyles.

  22. These videos would be so much more helpful if you listed specific brands, not just sites. Or better yet: LINKS! 🙂

  23. Could you please share the brand of your hat!

  24. I'm moving to NY in a few weeks! I can't wait for the winter style video! I absolutely adore your style video!! 🙂

  25. thank you for the video and i really loved your hair , can you tell me what do you use to get that hair colour ( in case you use something )

  26. Link to the sweater from Asos in outfit 4 plz?

  27. Those booties are EVERYTHING

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  29. Does anyone know what her asos go to jeans are called?

  30. casually having a marathon of your videos.. BTW loved the quick changes of the clips .I hate when youtubers super-analyze an you<3

  31. Oh my gosh with outfit numero 3 you're slaying !! ?????

  32. just a little comment I think you cute to much… we didn't really have time to fully watch you outfit so if you can stay a little longer on one take and then change point of vue it would, I think, be more pleasant to watch ? however love your videos!

  33. What are the name of your jeans from asos? I really wanna get them!! <3 Love the videos as always <3

  34. i didn't think the editing was too fast…i personally loved this video! great job tess!! always love your outfits, I've been binge watching for daysss

  35. From where is your glasses (in the first outfit)?? Please anwser me because i search at the moment a glasses! Great Video?

  36. Where are your glasses from, in the first outfit??? I love them

  37. I love this! I don't think it was too fast!!

  38. I love your hairstyle in this video

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