My Secret Sauce Waves (Loose Tousled Waves for Days)

Here are my secret sauce waves, aka my loose tousled waves hair tutorial. These are my go to on short or long hair and they’re great for everyday!

Products I used:

  • T3 Micro Defined Curls Iron
  • OUAI Memory Mist
  • Kitsch Rose Gold Styling Clips
  • Herbal Essences Soft Control Creme Gel
  • IGK Down and Out Dirty Spray
  • OUAI Soft Hairspray


  1. Can you do a video on cute hairstyles to do after swimming in the pool? ❤️

  2. Dp these waves with straightener please

  3. I LOVE THIS!!! Totally doing this!! Thank you for uploading this video ?

  4. Can you do a video about hairstyles for curly hair? I'll be so usefull, thank you!! ❤️

  5. How did I JUST discover this account?!! You are amazing.

  6. FINALLY???, I've been wanting these waves in a tutorial sooo badly with actual good products and step by step, and I finally found it, I love it sooooo much, can't wait to try this out

  7. A hundred kitten cry every time one uses hair irons T-T

  8. I don’t get the straightening part, they are barely curly to begin with. I feel like they fall out on their own pretty quick anyway so you might as well leave them be, anyways loved the video! Welcome back

  9. I would love to see a follow-up video showing how you restyle your hair on the second and third days to make it look presentable. I just look like a hot mess.

  10. Could you try to curl your hair with Bantu knots? I loved your wish curlers video! And I think it would be really cool!

  11. i had high hopes for the herbal essences control cream, but it has silicone in it. i am avoiding parabens and silicones.

  12. Hey, do you have any suggestions on having to make curls and waves stay? I have tried different hairsprays and let the curls cool pinning them up and use highest heat settings and still my curls stay for max 1 h and then its straight-with-weird-bumps hairstyle. 😀 I have naturally a not straight and not wavy hair… like they do what they want. Some parts have waves, some are straight… If I straighten them, they stay like that for days and no problem, but I want to have curls too… 🙁

  13. Very pretty! I love how healthy your hair looks, too!

  14. Did these waves for family pics beautiful

  15. I really want to have that herbal essence soft creme gel, but i'm living in germany and it's not available here … that sucks!

  16. Have you tried the Tyme Iron? I see it advertised all the time on Instagram, but I don't want to spend that kind of money on something that doesn't work as advertised…

  17. Ok so this might sound so tacky but I almost cried when you popped up in my recommended!! I LOVED your videos, learned them, memorized and improvised. I have multi-cultural curls but watching your videos made me feel like I could still do it even if my hair texture was different. Used your updo for my senior prom hair back in 2012, AND my sister's prom hair in 2013, AND my sister-in-laws wedding years later 2018… but I couldn't remember your username and couldn't find you. I feel like i've been reunited with an old friend, i'm so happy. T^T <3 (I subscribed this time so I won't lose you again hahahahahaha)

  18. What nail varnish are you wearing? Its lovely.

  19. You need to check out Milabu’s video about heat protectant! I was beyond shocked and have stopped using it ever since and my hair looks 100 times better.

  20. You are my favorite hair YouTuber, I've missed you!!

  21. What about if ur hair doesn't curl well?

  22. i would love to see a video on styles that work on wigs, i have very short hair but sometimes like to wear longer wigs, but i dont want wefts and such to show

  23. Thank you. I suck at being a girl and this is helpful!

  24. God, I love your hair! I wish your hair was my hair.

  25. Could you do a tutorial on some heatless bouncy curls?

  26. This wouldn't even last 2 hours in my very straight hair :.(

  27. I’d love to give this a try but on a meter-long hair it’s gonna be straight in half an hour.

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