My Secret to SEXY Legs | LEG HACKS You NEED To Know !!!

Hello loves! Today I am sharing with you guys everything you need to know about legs! I am sharing with you guys exercises for your legs and workouts for your thighs! Also some beauty hacks and fashion hacks to make your legs look AMAZING! Hope you enjoy!


  1. I heard ,,Human” in intro ajgsjwbsghabs

  2. Can I use a different essential oil I'm allergic to lavender any suggestions?

  3. I really like your videos alot. They help a lot, plus you have a lot of vibe and your very funny. ..Keep it up nickolette ??

  4. Great legs. Don't shout, makes it difficult to watch πŸ˜‰

  5. im saving this one to my faves gurl i have pale legs and chovy i need to focus on my inner thighs and my cafs

  6. Your legs are as beautiful as Betty Grable's. You are as beautiful as any female movie star or singer.

  7. Thanks girl ur legs are goals ! ❀️??

  8. i got the same legs but i think mine is just fat and muscle mixed together

  9. theres nothing sexy about legs

  10. If you want toned and nice legs try running. It helps you lose fat everywhere in your body super quickly and is great for getting slim toned legs without bulking them up. Long distance running is super effective for nice legs, I run cross country and every time I run I go for at least 2 miles. Hope this helped πŸ™‚

  11. sally hansen air brushed legs is also awesome

  12. its okay ik your feels IM SHORT TO BUT SHORT PPL ARE THE CUTE PPL

    (Im lucky cus I'm taller than my mom)

  13. plz do a video on dark underarms..

  14. honey I haven't had sexy legs in years LMAO! if you can help go for it. btw do you know any affordable sunless tanning lotion?

  15. friend: Nice legs. what's your secret?
    me: ballet hun… ballet
    friend: no way..
    me:say that to my leg muscles

  16. gosh, girl, those legs are goals ?

  17. Will running outside help me? πŸ™‚ I hope so, because I love nature! β™₯

  18. I need what i can do at home . I don't go to gym

  19. For self tanning, what do you recommend and hope when sweating or really hot weather will it come off

  20. aren't her legs unrealistic

  21. Omg this is so helpful. Me and my friend joke about who has sexier legs and now I can say I have sexier legs thanks to you xxxx I've only been watching you for a day and I love you I'm definitely subscribing xxx

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