My Shoe Collection || Roxxsaurus

Hey guys! Here is my current shoe collection! I got rid of some old shoes and decided to just include my most favourite pairs, hope you enjoy the video!


Shoe Details

  • |Boots|
    Platform Zipper Boots – Choies
    Dr Martens
    Buckle Platform Boots – Tobi
    Buckle Platform Boots 2 – Ebay
    Chained Boots – TKMAXX
    Studded Boots – New Look
    Timberland Style Boots – Shoe Zone
    Brown Chelsea Boots – Zara
  • |Flats|
    White Converse
    Black Platforms – TKMAXX
    Black Loafers – Asda
    Floral Loafers – Choies
  • |Heels|
    Cream Heels – Rocksport
    Black Open Toe Heels – Roberto Vianni
    Black Suade Heels – New Look
    Open Toe Suade Heel – New Look


  1. I love her tasteWe ❤️ You Roxi

  2. ❤them all Roxi❗❗❗You are a wonderful girl and with such a great taste.Love your style so similar to mine!Love your jeans too,great piece? u can wear it all day and all night with the right accessories!Love u xx

  3. Where are those third pair of shoes from??The wedges with buckles and cut out detailing?They look so lovely?amazing video to!

  4. i love the black/red platforms!!!! ♥❤

  5. And then there's me, possessing three pairs of shoes. ?

  6. They are all so beautiful, Roxi!

  7. Zara!! Apologies, I didn't read well the infobox : P

  8. Ehy girl, I don't understand where you have bought the brown flat ankle boots at minute 1:01…they're soooo cute. Thank you!

  9. Love your style!! So similar to mine xox

  10. Love all ur shoes they are goals love and want them OMG and ur jeans so want ????❤️

  11. Omg u are such a great picker!!!! All of the shoes are amazing ?❤️

  12. i love all of your shoess but they look so expensive like the docs

  13. hey I want all your flats and heels ???

  14. is it just me or are most of her shoes black, don't get me wrong black is my favorite color but it's something i noticed

    BTW's i love ur video Keep it up

  15. I love it so much

  16. +Roxxsaurus I've a question, which one do you think is the pair of shoes that represent you the most, and why? please answerrr. Love you lots?

  17. your shoes are so pretty, also i love you so much, can you share videos more frequently?

  18. can you please send me a link of the 3 rd pair of shoes or something similar? I can't find them and I need that style of shoes for an ocassion..thanks

  19. You are literal goals I don't even think you understand

  20. Do you get money from your videos? I've searched and saw the music rules and it says you cant use unoriginal music more than 30 sec

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