My Style Goals | The Curated Closet

Hi guys! Today’s video is my third video on The Curated Closet. This time, I’m just walking you through my style goals, and sharing how my relationship with style has evolved over time. My mission is to have a closet that makes me feel organized, inspired, and delighted, every single day! I’m so excited to overhaul my wardrobe and start building the closet of my dreams!


  1. It would be so much fun if you had inserted pictures when you talk about your styles in middle school and high school! It's always interesting to see how style evolves over the years! Or it's just because I really want to see those pictures since I can't imagine you in gothic clothing and wearing rainbow eyeliners! 😛 I absolutely love your style now, so simple and elegant!

  2. Really love this series! I'm almost finished reading the book, it's amazing. I'm looking forward to following you as you create your ideal wardrobe, I hope you "bring us" along with you.

  3. Thanks for doing this series. I'm thinking about ordering the book.

  4. So excited to see what your closet will look like when you begin achieving some of these goals! I currently feel like you did in college – I don't have the funds for a really nice wardrobe, so I guess working hard in school will be a motivation to get that haha (amongst other things of course)

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