My Style Inspiration & Mood Board | The Curated Closet

Hi guys! Today’s video is my fourth video on The Curated Closet. I show you my Pinterest board that acts as my style mood board, and features some of my favorite outfits and pieces. There’s a lot of Kendall Jenner, Miranda Kerr, and Chiara Ferragni! By saving all your style inspiration in one place, you can go through it and look for patterns. This will help guide your shopping decisions as you start to build your dream wardrobe!


  1. This was useful hearing you thinking through – Thanks!

  2. How can torn distressed jeans be classic? They are trendy IT now but in 10 years?? Blue Jeans have become a casual wardrobe classic but it isn't classic over the board e.g. at work. In some companies yes, in some others not – so it isn't classic in that sense for work. Black bottoms in that sense are classic.

  3. Yay I didn't have to wait long for the next installment lol! I'm going through the whole process right now too, so it's really fun to see someone else also doing it.

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