My Summer Morning Routine!

Hi loves, this is my summer morning routine! I do this routine everyday doing things like making my bed and trying to at least run everyday helps me feel motivated to accomplish task through out the day. So if your ever feeling a bit blah and unmotivated try doing little things like that everyday and I promise it’ll help freshen you up and get you going! I love you guys and thanks for watching my little morning routine .

Makeup Details

  • Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream $31
  • Origins GINZING SPF 40 Tinted moisturizer $38
  • Benefit Precisely my brow pencil $24
  • Colour Pop Femme Rosa Palette
  • Lilly Lashes in style Diamonds $20 ( Use code “christen” to save )
  • Elcie cosmetics The hydra enhancer mist $35
  • Jdez Liquid lipstick in Shalala $17

Ipsy Glam Bag products


  1. Your shoes ? were super cool ?.
    Love it and also love u
    Actually your every thing is ?

  2. That outfit is super cute- but it's simple. I like it lol

  3. You r so so so so so so so so beautiful

  4. I like the outfit you wearing your a sweet girl

  5. You have such a beautiful house

  6. Love everything about his video!!!

  7. Christen is just goals like fr ?????

  8. her husband looks Moroccan, who agrees ?

  9. Can you do you a fitness routine and what you eat in a day plss your body is perfect ??

  10. Natural light wish I had that in my bathroom oh I go outside and scare myself when I look in the rear view mirror eeeeeek lol

  11. 4.26 does she have makeup on her face?

  12. How about Chinese girl ? How to make up naturally ?

  13. Per your cat is lovely

  14. Wow lovely routin j
    He is your boyfriend

  15. cristen do u have any worker for cleaning and cooking of ur house?

  16. U r soo beautiful even without mkup

  17. The outfit though!??☝️

  18. my summer routine: stay in bed until my mom yells at me.

  19. How are you a mother?! You look so amazing!?

  20. Love your OOTD. Also, I don't have a beauty room.. but if I did. I would probably SO do my makeup in the exact same place as you. Use natural lighting so you know what you'll look like outside and it doesn't shock you lol. That used to happen with me a bronzer. I'd be so bronzed inside.. then outside I was orange. Xox. ??

  21. Not to sound like a lesbian, but u got a banging body! Lovely video! ?????????

  22. She is sooooooo pretty❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  23. Your youtube chanal it's so much funn ?

  24. you are so pretty with and without makeup omlllll???

  25. New to your channel…Loved this effortless routine, your product suggestions, and your epic make application & look!!

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