My Top 3 Weight Loss Smoothie Recipes !! | How I Lost Weight


  1. HELLO LOVES! I have been loving smoothies lately so I thought I would share some of my FAVS! if you make any make sure you tag me on instagram: @nicolettaxoyt 😉 and if you want more SMOOTHIE recipes thumbs the video up 😉 xo!

  2. I'm definitely going to do the first smoothie but I'm gonna add the Chia seeds. Thanks for posting this video Nicoletta. ??

  3. They look good, but I don’t like smoothies I like the fruits in most of them but idk why the texture makes me feel sick

  4. I am new here and i learnt that nicoletta is greek and i am greek too. Ελα πατριοτη!! ( you will understand if you are greek)

  5. Omg I am gonna make all of them .. love you ?

  6. omg so excited to try these!!

    Nicoletta, you are such an inspiration and i love you so much! You are so pretty and I am in love with your videos! Keep it up!! oh, and i would love a part 2!! love you!! xoxo


  8. I wish I liked smoothies but I just… hate fruit. Is there anything I'd like that isn't super full of fruit but still healthy? I do love oats and granola tho.

  9. What if your allergic to peanuts and all other nuts?

  10. Mother of 2 explains how she lost 22 pounds in just 30 days! Amazing weight loss

  11. Do you think I could make the second with coconut/almond milk instead of yogurt?

  12. YES! Do a part 2 these look amazing 🙂

  13. I made the first one. AMAZING! Sooo good, I want a part two❤️?

  14. Can you use regular milk rather then almond milk?

  15. idk y but ima tell u guys my insta so here its… @hereislizz.y

  16. Can you send me the ingredients by email

  17. I tried the first drink and it wasn’t my favorite but it was still really delicious and healthy

  18. Best channel????

    Small youtuber btw

  19. I’m gonna try these! (Besides the coffee ones because I don’t drink coffee ?)

  20. I think next time you should put how many calories each smoothie is but other than that great video!♥️♥️♥️

  21. Its ramadan now, I'm going to use one of these recipes and drink it before I start fasting, looks like it will give me that boost to get through the day?thanks

  22. Thanks Nicoletta, I and so gonna try these and I am especially excited about the coffee one

  23. I dnt knw y bt i m addicted to ur videos before going to sleep i watch ur almost 2-3videos back to back.. love u girl.. can u plz answer cn we simply add plain milk in it.

  24. Looks yummy and refreshing

  25. This is really going to help me get rid of the weight that I don't want. TBH I really love your videos and I think that they really help me out with all of the problems I have. (Acne and weight that I don't want.) I couldn't have done this without you.
    ILYSM Nicole!

  26. Who agrees that Nicoletta should have 1000000+ subscribers? Literally every single video and hack she did , helped change my life to better. Also we never forget about her Bubbly personality?
    Love you gurl…♥️

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