My Wedding Hair!!

I had my friend do my hair to give me some time to relax and keep me from having a panic attack over one out of place hair ;).

Thanks for watching!


  1. Idea for you: wedding styles without the overused curling iron, thousands of clips and extensions eventually, or any other earrings. I will get married in few years too in church so I kinda need some ideas. Or I should still ask someone else… A shy person though that's the Problem.

  2. You look absolutely stunning ?

  3. did you wear heels and can I see them NOW

  4. Love this hairstyle you looked so beautiful at your wedding ??

  5. Sweet memories!! God bless you and your husband. Pretty church, looks like the one I attended growing up 🙂

  6. Who came here after her Q&A!? Btw Kayley u look stunning!!

  7. I remember when you first posted this and loving your hair and makeup choices. Now I am 25 days away from my own wedding and still looking back on these! <3

  8. is Kayley Melisa getting married

  9. Where did you get your hair piece??? I am getting married and I want the exact piece plus the hair style.

  10. you looked so beautiful abd you still are

  11. Wow, you looked amazing! And you kinda reminded me of myself on my wedding day – all pumped up and high fives all around 🙂 <3 Looks like you had an beautiful day!

  12. Love your head piece! Getting married in June and I need it. Where can I get one like it? Or where did you get yours

  13. OMG!!!!! I love your dress!!!!!

  14. Awesome 🙂 But if (when?) I get married I need a hairstyle I can dance with. This looks absolutely bautiful, but I fear it would fall apart… ;(

  15. So beautiful! Thank you for sharing something so precious & intimate. You always look amazing, and on your big day you were absolutely stunning!

  16. you guys are such a cute couple and i know its late but you looked like a princess .
    i sincerely wish you two a lasting happiness <3 🙂

  17. +Kayley Melissa  You look absolutely stunning! I am sure that when your husband saw you he was speechless! This is a great video, thanks for sharing one of the happiest days of your life, it is so lovely to see how happy and excited you are!

  18. I've been watching your videos for a couple of months and I literally just found out you're married..I thought you were a teenager! But hey I love your videos ??

  19. How time flies, 🙂 your second anniversary is coming up soon :D.

  20. I couldn't help but smile when I watched this. 🙂

  21. You look amazing. Perfect hair and makeup! You truly look amazing and so radiant! Everything looked just right and you honestly looked like a queen. Congratulations you look super happy and you glowed like no other. So I wish you the best in your future endeavors and I hope you live a long and happy life together.

  22. You look amazing. So happy and radiant! Amazing makeup and hair, you truly look like a queen! Congrats and I wish the best in your future endeavors!

  23. Congrats he looks like a handsome ,funny looking guy

  24. Dang I thought she was like 16

  25. You look like a girl congrats anyways?

  26. We're you really getting married if u were congrats

  27. Congrats i bet hes an awesome guy

  28. I have only recently discovered your channel, and I think I have watched at least 50 of your videos in the last 15 hours!
    this looks absolutely stunning on you!
    I can't believe that you are my age in this video getting married, and it am still single!
    but you are so gorgeous! I love the way you talk through all of your tutorials, they are so easy to follow and beautifully thought out!

  29. I'm doing this for my graduation! Thank you so much for inspiring me!!

  30. Hi Kayley! Where did you buy your hair accessory? Is it DIY or anything? 

  31. I've watched this video about 100 times. I just love it! U look so beautiful kayley

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