My Weekly Detox Routine For Hair, Skin, & Life! – KayleyMelissa

Here’s my weekly detox routine for hair, skin, and life! Specifically how I detox my scalp & do a quick blow out to prep my hair for the next week.

I hope you guys enjoy this little weekly routine. It’d be a quick morning routine to do once a week & it keeps everything in shape.

—⟣Products Mentioned:⟢—
-Bumble & Bumble Scalp Detox
-Glam Glow Glitter Mask
-Glam Glow Supermud Mask
-Kate Sommerville Exfolikate Treatment


  1. What hair towel do you recommend?

  2. Loved loved loved this video!

  3. Where did you get that hair towel?! Looks to be amazing to use on my hair

  4. What kind of hair towel did you use in this video?

  5. Love this sort of video. Please do more self care in the future I really enjoy seeing what other people do and getting ideas to use.

  6. PS. the fact that you're so excited about being productive is very helpful for me when I'm like… so not about it. 5 mins watching your videos i'm like … If she can do it, i can too <3

  7. LOL the closing 50 tabs in my brain concept. LEGIT SAME. i have a notebook for all my lists, then i put those things from my list into new lists… It legit helps so much. i feel you!

  8. All I kept thinking through this whole episode was switching between, "aww she's so cute" and, "Oh my god she's so gorgeous" I legit love you Kayley and totally admire you!

  9. I would love to see more videos like this!! And agreed, I do a similar to do list like this and it's very helpful and soothing ?

  10. I love your list making/planning method!

  11. Speaking of the scalp….I would LOVE for you to do a dandruff care routine video. I swear I have tried everything there is to control my dandruff, and NOTHING TOUCHES IT.

  12. Hi, Kayley Melissa! You look especially lovely in this video! By the way,- are those products, which you use, cruelty-free?

  13. It is very exciting video. You are very pretty hairstyles. I'm greeting from Poland. 😀

  14. I love this video! Does anyone have any more affordable good scalp treatments?

  15. Your complexion literally looks flawless all the time!

  16. You're so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  17. Would you be able to do some more short prom hairstyles for this year? I loved the last one, but have been wearing those to all my special events last year!

  18. Love the bit about sitting down to plan tasks for the week. I think I’ll use that, too!

  19. What is that planner you use?!? I would love to purchase it.

  20. I like how you are not just focusing on the exterier. 🙂 beauty is also on the inside! Mental is just as important as physical wellbeing; if not more since it is all connected.

  21. Omg that turbie towel is amazing, does anyone know what brand that's from? I have a regular turbie and my hair is so long it sticks out the end ?

  22. The mind Detox is pretty interresting

  23. I love your list book and planner! Where are those from?

  24. Where is your cherry phone case from?! ?

  25. I looovee these videos. Would appreciate a longer take on your lists and journal etc. 🙂

  26. Loved this, please definitely do more videos on self-care! That'd be amazing

  27. Where is this hair towel from?!

  28. Three days a week?

    Well this is going to be my favorite month!

  29. What is your favorite eye cream and your favorite facial moisturizer? I'd also love to see a makeup tutorial on this look! Your skin is glowing! ?

  30. Kayley what's the iron you used?

  31. This felt so amazing, just watching it. Wonder how great it'd be to do ?

  32. Good help thanks! Needed a scalp detox?

  33. Do you have any tips for hair loss? I'm 22 year old girl and noticed A LOT of hair loss lately, like waking up and there is hair on my pillow, brushing my hair and watching multiple strands come out with one pass, tying my hair up and hair coming out in my hand. I'm getting some blood test done but is there anything you suggest in the mean time? Products, treatment, brushes?

  34. I loved the video.
    I needed that!
    Oh and btw u look a loooootttt more confident and a heck lot happier

  35. "I'm not gonna finnish that" Well. you didn't need to. Your kidneys does the detoxing for you, yaknow.. 😛
    I'm the litteral worst at doing all the things you do in this video. I just feel so overwhelmed with the amount of stuff that should be done, I end up not doing any of them…wich is the most important thing?

  36. Please do some more stuff about your bullet journal and organisation! xxxx

  37. Kayley please tell me where you hit your calendar and pad of paper. I'm a list maker too!?

  38. “Especially this year” ??? Pregnancy?!??!? Lol jk

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