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Keep in mind these are things i love and am comfortable wearing. I understand that some stuff (cropped tops) might not be everyones favorite but i hope you draw some fashion inspiration from the things you do like 🙂 Remember fashion is about having fun and showing your personality. Get creative. Sending all my love. xx


  1. Outfit #2 is my favourite. No question about it. The clothes, the scenery.. perfection! ?

  2. What are the winter ugg boots called?

  3. does anybody else think she looks slightly like bethany mota

  4. Omg I was born in Minnesota! I<3 Minnesota!!

  5. I love your brown jacket with a hood from Asos!

  6. Beautiful area to film in! You are super cute too.

  7. We have ice castles where I live too

  8. Please leave a link to the thigh high boots for outfit #4 ??? they are so nice and you are so gorgeous??

  9. You're so adorable and cute. I can never dress in the winter loll. Are you in Canada? Looks super cold.

  10. Crop top? Great. Went here for tips but moving on to a different video now.

  11. Love this I live in a super snowy place and I always need inspiration!!

  12. I have the same double Pom beanie as u XD

  13. Hi I'm from Italy and next wednesday I will be in New York, can you please tell me where is the ice castle ? I would love to visit it. p.s. nice outfits <3

  14. Crop top in freezing weather? If you want a kidney infection sure!

  15. Tess Can you please list all the items that you're wearing in the video into the description box? So that we can check them out easily!

  16. How did you not freeze omg? Howwwww. I would be freezing my ass off.

  17. do you wear something under your jeans? cause when I wore jeans in NYC I froze to death I could feel the cold sink in

  18. Hi Tess Christine: thank you for the great video.. i just hope you able to notice me.. i just need some information.. since you are thin, it is nice to do layering but when you are a bit healthy sometimes you will look like a teddy bear.. ha ha.. does your clothes vary from the sizes from base layer to jacket.. i was just wondering if i have to buy bigger size for my jacket so there is a room for the base layer..

  19. 3:47 when it's freezing cold and your crop top sweater don't warm your nipples enough ? ? ?

  20. I think that your asos sweater was made out of suede! (Suede is the best in the winter)

  21. For the first outfit, wasn't your stomach cold? lol

  22. I live in Portugal, in which the heather is much better than there, and if I wore those clothes, especially those crop tops beneath I wouldn't be comfortable and be cold, or even get sick.

  23. its funny to look thease kind of videos. if i wear something like that in winter i would freeze 😀 last winter i walked 10 mins outside and my eyelashes froze 😀 i love living in finland <3

  24. crop tops or crop sweaters and thin dresses are absolutely NO 😀 others than that, outfits are good.

  25. who is wearing a croptop in winter? makes no sens

  26. I'll travel to Budapest in February, and I live in the South of Spain, so I don't know how to wear and combine winter clothes good (here real winter doesn't exist) and this was what I needed! You have a new grateful subscriber.

  27. I'm so obsessed with your lookbooks!

  28. OMG! I am from Minnesota too. 🙂 I love it when I see winter fashion videos. I'm always trying to come up with outfits and usually have no idea what to wear. You should do more winter videos and beauty videos. You are absolutely gorgeous! 🙂

  29. I liked the outfit #6, but my fav is outfit #4 of course

  30. she looks like leroy sanchez a little

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